Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life is Good :)

I have been totally neglecting my blog the last 3 weeks! Life has been so busy...


He had pull-in duty so I missed the madness at the pier. We were lucky enough to have our own private homecoming the next day with the pier all to ourselves.


We also had Little Miss's birthday party. That is a whole other blog post, I want to share the last of the DIY tutorials (goodie bags) and pictures from the party! 

We are also dealing with reintegration. I am happy to report we are doing much better than last time. We learned alot from our first reintegration, we mostly learned what NOT to do actually LOL. I made sure not to overplan our days and be as flexible as possible. If things don't go as planned, meh it happens. My words of advise: Be easygoing, don't sweat the small stuff, and communicate. If I need Hubs to do something, I honestly have to spell it out for him. He wasn't a mind reader before deployment and he sure isn't one now! He has been gone 15 out of the last 22 months. While I would love for him to anticipate what I need done around the house or what I need help with, he honestly hasn't been around enough to know. Time to retrain him, hehehe.

We did have a minor setback with Little Miss's potty training, she has been completely potty trained for about 2 months then about a week after Hubs came home she just started having accidents for 2 days. But now things are back to normal as far as that goes.

We have been just hanging out at home, taking care of stuff around here. Hubs is on 3 section duty, which means he goes into work once every 3 days for his overnight. Its actually a pretty good thing, this gives me a day to run errands and clean the house while he is at work. And do laundry...I did not realize how much clothing that man goes through! Plus, he brings home a sea bag full of crap after every duty day it seems (they are moving out of berthing right now in preparation of decom).

Well that's all I got for now, time to go back into hiding!

Okay not really hiding, I will be back to blogging more and slowly adding everything back into my routine. But for now, I am content keeping the world at arms length :)