Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm So Crafty, I Make People! 15 Week Update

Well I finally broke down and had Hubs take a pic of my growing baby bump. 

I had all these great, creative ideas for weekly bump update pictures thanks to Pinterest. But when it came down to it I simply told Hubs, "I'm going to stand here, take a picture with me & the bump. Make sure I don't have a double chin and my eyes are open, okay?".  Maybe as this pregnancy goes on I will make the weekly photos more interesting, we shall see. However, I am going to share the same things every week and compare it all to my first pregnancy.

Weight Gain
Its been 2 weeks since I stepped on the scale, at that point I had only gained 1lb. Woohoo. But even though I have not gained much weight, what I do have has been redistributed. Maternity pants are a must.

Well its definitely there. At this point with Little Miss, I didn't have anything to show. Now I have old men at the commissary already asking when I'm due. 

Stretch Marks
Just my old ones around my belly button. For all you teens out there trying to be bad-ass and get your belly button pierced, I only have 2 words for you later in life when you get preggo....STRETCH MARKS. Hah! 

Umm yah still working on that. I am tired all the time it seems but I can't sleep through the night. Maybe 3-4 hours at a time until I have to get up and pee, then I am wide awake. Oh and I can't forget to mention the freaky pregnancy dreams that are keeping me the way I had a dream last week Jason Aldean and his wife split up. So apparently this pregnancy is also making me a bit psychic! Hubs said I spelled it wrong, he says P-S-Y-C-H-O. How cute, he thinks he's funny.

I felt flutters last week when I was lying still in bed the other night.

Still battling morning sickness. I am only having to take 2 Zofran each day instead of 3 here lately though. That is good right? Along with my gummy vitamin and Zofran every morning, I am also taking Zantac to help with indigestion. 
I am pretty tired most of the time still.
Oh yah still plenty of abdominal stretching. Lots more than with LM for sure. I like to think its because my abs were in better shape before this pregnancy than with my first one. But who knows.
I also started having sciatic nerve pain that randomly shoots down my left buttocks. I am hoping this doesn't get any worse.

Food Cravings
Cheese and Pasta. 'Nuff said.

Food Aversions
Onions and Garlic. Well, I can still eat them but I will be up sick if I do :( So even though I like them, apparently baby #2 does not.

No clue, my maternal instincts are confused. LM says its a girl. My MIL says its a boy. My friend did her crazy voodoo magic and the needle said its a boy. Guess we will find out soon enough!

What I Miss
Going to the gym! I have been too sick to go, the Dr. said they want me to wait until this morning sickness subsides more. Though I think my goal this week will be to at least make it to the gym for a session on the elliptical. 

What I'm Looking Forward To
I get to call tomorrow and set up my appointment for my second ultrasound!

Weekly Wisdom
If you're worried about spending too much money on maternity clothes, buy a few pieces you can wear when you are no longer preggo. Like maxi dresses!

Highlight of the Week
I am so blessed and lucky. I found out that I am having 2 showers, one with my family in WI and one with my friends here in VA. No one gave me a shower with LM, I just didn't have the friends in SC like I have here. My sister did send out a shower invite of sorts to family members so they knew where I was registered and they went above & beyond to make sure I had all that I needed.  

So don't judge, but I don't like anyone (myself included) as much as I used to. I know, sounds strange. Just how I feel. Its not because people are making me mad or anything. I was trying to explain it to Hubs and he seemed to understand, or he just pretended too because he knows I will feel differently in a few weeks LOL.
Even though I have the pregnancy symptoms and my belly is sticking out, its like this whole pregnancy hasn't hit me yet. Like I KNOW I am pregnant, but its still hard to believe I will be giving birth in less than 6 months. I think my problem is I keep comparing it to the only thing I know; when I was pregnant with LM. But like everyone says, its totally different with each pregnancy. When I was pregnant with LM, being pregnant was all I thought about. This time around, I am chasing a toddler and trying to keep up with my house. This kid isn't even here yet and he/she is getting less attention

I am really hoping once I start feeling better that I will be that happy, glowy pregnant person.

I also have this crazy urge to color my hair different. Who knows?