Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tutorial: Felt Rosette Wreath

Since I have been stuck resting my leg at home, I decided to make a wreath that caught my eye on Pinterest. I had lots of red, white, and navy blue felt left over from the Felt Ruffle Wreath project so I decided to stay with the patriotic theme for this wreath too.


   Since I am using 3 colors, I only needed 1/4 yard of each 
Wreath Form
   I use the 40% off one full priced item coupon at Michael's
   so I can get this 18 inch wreath for $2.99! 
Hot Glue
   I use my Olfa Circle Rotary Cutter to make the circles 
   easily, but you will still need to scissors to make the spiral. 
   You can use whatever you want to embellish the wreath,
   I chose to make a bow.

First I made all the rosettes. I would just sit on the couch as we were watching TV to do this step.

You need to cut your felt into circles. Mine are about 4 inches in diameter.

Then you will cut the circle into a spiral. Make sure you keep the spiral the same width all the way around, this will make the rosette nice and flat when you roll it up in the next step.

Then you roll the felt into a rosette starting from the the center of the original circle (the end that is between my thumb and pointer finger).

After you roll lots and lots and lots of rosettes, you can start gluing them onto your wreath.

I bought the hay wreath from the craft store, but this time I kept it in the plastic wrapper to prevent all the hay from getting all over the place! 

Before you start gluing, decide on a pattern. 

These are very easy to glue down, just a small outline of glue is enough to hold it in place!

Just continue all the way around! At the end, I did have to go back with scissors and trim down a few of the rosettes so they were flat. 

It looks so nice on my door! But since I still have my Felt Ruffle Wreath, I am going to give this wreath to my step-grandmother when I visit her!


  1. Wow! This looks amazing! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm definitely going to give this a try.