Sunday, January 15, 2012

Patriotic Felt Wreath

So I have seen these felt wreaths all over the internet and I decided to make one for myself! I wanted to share it with all of you and tell you how I made it!

  • Felt - I bought 1/2 yard of each color, it was $4.99 yard
  • Wreath - I didn't want to spend the $12 on the styrofoam form, so I bought a grapevine wreath that had a few Christmas decorations on it (hello clearance!). It was 80% off so I paid $3! You can also use the hay wreaths if they are in season.
  • Glue gun & hot glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Disappearing Ink marker
  • Wooden Stars
  • White Paint
  • Covered Floral Wire
  • Old T-Shirt
Since I used the grapevine wreath to save money, I cut up an old shirt into strips and wrapped them around the wreath.

Then came the long process of making the felt circles in all 3 colors. I used my spool of ribbon as a stencil (about 3in. diameter) and traced tons of circles.

Then you get to cut all. of . them. I had a blister on my thumb!

After you have healed up from cutting the felt circles, now you get to put them on the wreath. You will fold them in half twice as follows:

Now take your folded felt and figure out where you want to put it on the wreath BEFORE you put the hot glue on the wreath. *If you are using a styrofoam wreath, you can use straight pins to attach the bottom of the folded felt to the styrofoam.*

Then repeat this process over and over and over until the entire wreath is covered!

Sit back and admire what you have done so far :)

Notice the white spaces between the felt? Just fluff the folded felt to cover those up! Now to add the stars: First I painted mine white with some paint I had laying around. Then I attached them with hot glue to covered floral wire that I coiled up around a dowel.

Then I hot glued the wire to the wreath. I just shifted some felt out of the way then after the wire was set I covered up any blank spaces. I attached a ribbon to the back of the wreath and VOILA!

I LOVE IT! I hung it on my door right away :)

This project, while time consuming, was very easy. Attaching all the felt circles took sooo long because I am a perfectionist and I liked how the felt looked when it was bunched up rather than spaced out. I tried to do this while Little Miss was napping or after she went to bed. I cut out the felt circles while I watched TV one night.

What I Learned:

-Buy a little more fabric than you need. I started out with 1/3 yard of each color, I had to go back and get more navy blue and red. 
-Wrap my thumb before cutting out 200 felt circles.
-I would rather use the hay wreath form instead of the grapevine OR buy the styrofoam wreath form when I get a 40% off coupon for Michaels. 

After I ran out of felt, I started making ANOTHER wreath (a yarn wreath!) that I will be doing a give-away for this week on my blog! Aren't you all happy I ran out of felt?


  1. Too cute! Went out and bought the materials and I think I should have listened when you warned about the blisters!

    1. Oh no! Glad I am not the only who's thumbs can't handle cutting out all the felt circles :)