Thursday, March 3, 2011

Deployment Pro's?

I've been trying to find to "positives" in my life right now since I'm going through my first deployment. To make light of the situation, I have started making a list of MY Pros & Cons. So I'll start with the funniest list first, the Pros:
  1. My day to day doesn't have to coincide with a duty schedule. I hate it when I rushed home in hopes that he would come home early or on time!
  2. Less laundry to do! Especially the stinky laundry off the ship, why does Hubs always come home smelling like steel? Does he rub up against the ship or something?
  3. The tank on the gas guzzler Avalanche will not have to be filled every week! We can all breathe a little easier and environmentalists have one less thing to worry about.
  4. Someone else gets to deal with Hubs snoring, sorry guys in 21-man berthing. Learn to wear ear plugs, its the best way to sleep through it. He snores no matter what side he is laying on so good luck!
  5. Razor blades will last longer than one shave! Hubs shaves his head so the cost of blades really adds up quick.
  6. I don't have to shave my legs until it warms up now! I know, I know you all wanted to know that. I only have peach fuzz on my legs anyways but still I don't have to shave now until the weather warms up enough to wear shorts!
  7. Deployment makes me feel like a teenager in love! Every time my cell phone rings, my heart jumps hoping it might be him. I've gotten 3 phone calls so far and I know I won't be receiving too many more since they are so darned expensive. Every time I open my email account and I see an email from him, I am just giddy. 
  8. Having to communicate via email has made us better at communicating in general. It also have given us both the chance to write love letters, something that seems like an ancient practice now-a-days! I am enjoying the jolt this deployment has brought to our love life. After having Little Miss, so much of our life is consumed by her and rightfully so. We are having to learn to balance her needs with ours but like most parents, we put her needs first and unfortunately haven't made much time for ourselves.
  9. Deployment has made me appreciate what I have so much more. Not that I didn't appreciate Hubs before, but going through this really shows all the little things he does for me on a daily basis that I have taken for granted. Hubs and I are so busy in our daily lives that some things get brushed aside but now that we are apart we are forced to make time for each other. Even if its just an email, those words can last a lifetime.  
  10. We are getting to work on issues and prove our relationship is solid. I don't worry if he is going to cheat when he is in port or when he is at sea. I don't worry that is going to get drunk and do something stupid because we have been there & done that, we both learned. When I don't get an email, I don't worry because I know its because he doesn't have time. He's not lying to me and going to play video games in the lounge. Though I do wonder from time to time if he's working out at the gym too much instead of emailing me! Now that isn't a concern since he now is limited due to an injury that needs surgery. 
Now for the not so fun list, MY con's:
  1. No matter how many pro's there are, they will never make up for the fact that he isn't here. I miss him, Little Miss misses him. I would gladly take smelly laundry and crazy schedules over having him gone. Ok deployment you have gone on far long enough you can end now alright?


    1. ahh this made me smile :) I am going through my first deployment too! and you are so right about the one con, that over powers all of the pros! thanks for the fun read!

    2. Great list... I did something similar during my deployment and laundry was on my list too, as was how much easier it is to keep the house clean. LOL! But nothing changes the fact that he is gone. But just think how strong you will be after going through this and how amazing it will be to see your hubs again! :)