Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Love Story

Wow has it really been 10 days since my last post? My days have been so busy but its been great. I've actually taken time to do things for ME: I got 2 manicures and finally got my hair cut & colored. My parents have spoiled me rotten by taking care of Kailyn. Its going to be hard to go back home this week, go back to all my responsibilities and an empty house. 

I wanted to write about how special being back home is to me, especially since Hubs deployed. This is the place we grew up, where we met, fell in love, and started our lives together. I find myself driving down familiar roads, eating at our favorite places. So many memories are here. I love reliving our "love story" but at the same time it stings because he isn't here to share it with me. 

Being here has made me realize how much we have grown as a couple and how much our lives have dramatically changed! My high school 10 year reunion is right around the corner. Wow, has it already been that long? My Hubs didn't go to high school with me, so if I decide to go to the reunion I'd want him to go along. My high school years were very formative and influenced who I am now. I am definitely not the same shy, quiet person I was back then. I have much more confidence in myself. I am so much more happy! I had some great times in high school, but man it was tough at times. I made some mistakes, had to learn some hard lessons: having "friends" back-stab you, have rumors spread about you, have boyfriends brag about their conquests. Those were rough. I also had great times, I wouldn't trade those band trips to Panama City Beach for anything! I think if Hubs met the girl I was back then, he would be pretty astonished. But looking back at all of it, I am glad it all happened. It was hard at the time, being a teenager sucks and I would never want to relive it. But I would never want to change my experience either. Maybe Hubs will be back in time so we can go to the reunion :)

It was because of an old high school relationship that kind of forced me to get to know Hubs in college. Hubs and I had classes together for a couple of semesters and we were even in the same study groups. We never really spoke about anything other than upcoming tests. A new semester started and as luck would have it, we had "Greek & Roman Mythology" together. A former high school boyfriend of mine also was in the class. I desperately wanted to avoid sitting next to him all semester, so I sat next to Hubs since I kind of knew him. From that moment on we were pretty inseparable, but as friends. See, we were both dating other people. That semester we also had 2 other classes together, Latin II and Organic Chemistry. Yucky. I HATE Organic Chemistry and I had a hard time with it, like a really hard time. Even though Hubs spent countless hours tutoring me (he's a frickin smartie!), I ended up dropping the class. But he promised to help me again when I retook the class over the summer. His relationship ended and he was enjoying the single life that summer. But he still made time to help me just like he promised. That summer we had many lunch dates studying. We had many late nights studying. He wasn't even taking the class but he would spend crazy hours helping me. During that summer, I ended my long term relationship as well. I also passed Organic Chemistry with a B! My class ended and our study sessions were done. But we still were spending time together. I didn't want to jump into another relationship, that is not my style. Hubs asked me to date him exclusively and I actually told him no! I wanted to date for a while, be single. He said okay, but he wasn't going to date anyone else because he was waiting for me. So me being "single" lasted all of maybe 2 weeks and then I realized that I only wanted him :)

Soon I'll be making my trip back to VA and I'll be leaving all of this behind again to be relived next time I come back this way. This has made me impatient for Hubs return home. I can hardly wait until he comes back so we can make some more memories together. Because no matter how much time has passed, it only seems like yesterday we were driving down Burbank Ave. to LSU campus in that blue mustang... 

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  1. That is a great story! You guys are really perfect for each other!

    And 10 years!!! My 10 year HS reunion is this year too! How time flies!!!!