Friday, January 11, 2013

Guest Room Update!

Since my husband and toddler took over my bed for the night (their snoring could be measured by the Richter Scale!), I will be sleeping in our extra room. Then I remembered I forgot to share a project with ya'll! Right before the holidays, I finally made a duvet cover for our spare bedroom.

Pretty sweet, huh?

And you will NEVER guess what I made it out of.

Okay....maybe you will guess, especially if you have read this post.

This lovely duvet cover was made from 2 queen size flat sheets from WalMart! 

For the last few months, I have been searching unsuccessfully for a white duvet cover that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. I mean, come on, its for the guest room. I didn't want the most expensive bedding to be in the room that rarely gets used!

So I decided to make it myself! It was pretty easy, I simply sewed 2 flat sheets together. First, I pinned the wrong sides together but only along 3 edges. Then I sewed those edges closed. I used buttons all along the bottom edge to fasten the cover closed. I also sewed ribbon tie tabs in the top corners (so you can tie the duvet to the cover so the duvet doesn't slide around inside the cover, this also means I had to sew ribbon tie tabs to the duvet itself). 

If I were to make this for my master bed, I would've sewn the bottom edge partially closed too instead of leaving it totally unsewn. I would leave about a 24 in gap to add buttons to close the cover. I would only add in this additional step because the cover would be used more often and it would allow me to add in 2 more tie tabs to the bottom corners.

Close up of the buttons on the bottom edge of the duvet cover
I even found the buttons at WalMart too :)

I am so pleased with how it turned out. I would never be able to keep a white comforter clean in my master bedroom because of the cats and the toddler oh and my husband...but it looks lovely in the guest room.

While I was shopping for flat sheets at Wally World, I picked up one more in navy to make another set of Ruffle Sheet Curtains

I love how this looks. Plus, my room is sooo dark now. 

So if anyone is counting, I have made a duvet cover and ruffle curtains from flat sheets at WalMart. I wonder what else I can make.....


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