Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Disney Trip: Magic Kingdom!

Now that I have told you how we prepared for our WDW vacation, I can tell you how much fun we had!

After driving for 13 hours, we finally arrived at the resort. We met up with my parents, bought our park hopper tickets, and met up with a cousin in Downtown Disney for dinner. This was my first venture into that area. There are lots of restaurants, a movie theater, a HUGE bowling alley, and other tid bits thrown in there. Its a much larger area than I thought! We ended up eating at Earl of Sandwich. YUM! Awesome sandwiches, I had read about this place on Disney Food Blog and was impressed. Definitely try it out if you are there! The line was wrapped around the room a few times but they serve you very quickly and the wait wasn't as long as we it would be.

The next morning we were up bright and early for a character breakfast at Chef Mickey's. I made the reservation for the ENTIRE family: both my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law & his family, and of course my crew. It was like 10 of us. Some of our party overslept, the only reservation I could get was at 7:15am so I don't blame them! Fortunately, Chef Mickey's was very lenient and said it was no problem at all. The breakfast buffet was HUGE. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I was in heaven. I fell in love with the Mickey waffles. I want the recipe! I should've stashed a few in my purse for later...

We were able to meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, & Pluto. Little Miss was so excited, she made sure to give each one a hug and a kiss.

After breakfast we were *supposed* to head to Magic Kingdom. Thats the thing about planning vacations, they never go according to plan! My mom misplaced her ticket back at the resort so we had to head back and search for it. Luckily, we found it and made our way back to MK to get the tickets activated. 

By the way, once you get your card to enter the park take a picture of it in case you lose it!

Also, we started doing ticket checks before we left the resort. Just to make sure...

We made our way to Fantasy Land to pick up our fast passes for the Little Mermaid ride, and stopped to get Merida's signature. We missed her last time we were at the park so I was glad we could cross her off our list!

The wait time for Enchanted Tales with Belle was reasonable so we headed there. This was another new experience for us, and Little Miss loved it! The story here is they want to do a surprise performance for Belle and they give out parts to the kids. Little Miss was picked to be Chip, she just had to jump on cue. They practice first, then Belle comes in the room. Little Miss totally geeked out! I have never seen her do this it was absolutely cute. I wish I could've captured it on camera, but we couldn't use the flash on our cameras. When she hopped up to Belle hiding behind her "Chip", she was squeeling and grinning ear to ear, I think she was even trembling a little! To her, she was meeting a movie star. It hit me that being in WDW was like meeting all of the characters she watches in movies and sees in story books. She has such a great imagination and I am so happy we were able to do this for her. 

While waiting in line for the next attraction, we chowed down on Mickey Mouse Ice Cream. Best chocolate covered ice cream ever, I don't know how they do it! I had at least 3 during our vacay. As you can see, Little Miss liked them too.

Finally it was time for the Princess Makeover! I made an appointment at Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique in Cinderella's Castle for Little Miss, I knew she would love it!


As in true Disney fashion, it was a magical experience! Little Miss was addressed as Princess from the moment we checked in. We brought our own dress from home (saving us $100!) and they had dressing rooms to change. She was so excited! Then she almost fell asleep LOL at this point we had been awake since 6am and it was 2pm. Little Miss is the type to fall asleep anywhere, she goes until the last second then passes out. Well, she kept dozing off during her makeover! She had everyone in the room laughing, I mean who falls asleep during a princess makeover? It all turned out well and she was absolutely happy. After the makeover, we headed back to the resort for nap time! Eventually we made it back to MK after a late dinner to watch the parade and the fireworks. 

The next day we woke up and it was drizzling outside. We all decided to sleep in because of the rain and we all needed it! We had planned to head to Hollywood Studios, but after checking the wait times in MK on our app, we just had to head back to MK. The wait times were only 20 minutes! After eating breakfast in our rooms, we threw on our panchos and walked to The Polynesian to hop on the monorail. The park was empty, it was great! It wasn't even raining anymore so we were able to hit up all the rides thanks to the wonderful touring plans over at WDW Prep School. We followed the touring plans for little ones and were able to tackle all the rides in no time! Hubs was disappointed though because Splash Mountain was closed for refurbishment. The only ride Little Miss didn't like was The Haunted Mansion. Of course this is my favorite. Last year she didn't mind it at all, but this year she didn't like the dark. She just had her head buried in Daddy's lap the whole time. She didn't like any of the rides that were in the dark after this, which includes Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean. What a difference one year makes!

For lunch, we ate at Peco Bills. YUM! They have this toppings bar with salsa, liquid cheese, onions, mushrooms, and other goodies for your burger and fries. Mmmm cheesey fries... The burgers were good and you got alot for your money.

We made our way to the front of the park and caught a parade with all the princesses. Once again, Little Miss totally geeked out when she saw the princesses. She was screamed at them, calling them by name, and when they waved at her she started jumping up & down. Before the parade, we grabbed fast passes to meet the princesses in the theater. We finally met up with Rapunzel (we missed her last time too)! 

We went back to the resort for nap time and that concludes our time at Magic Kingdom! This park is by far my favorite, I just wish it wasn't so crowded most of the time. We were lucky it was drizzling out because it really kept the crowds away until after lunch. 

Next stop, Hollywood Studios & Epcot! 

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