Wednesday, April 3, 2013

BIG Announcement!

I am very excited to let LM announce...

Our new addition is due to arrive on October 19th, which is one day before LM's birthday! So that makes me about 12 weeks along right now.

And while we are excited, I am so sick! It all started at 7 weeks. For the first few weeks, I didn't feel sick or nauseous at all. I actually was worried because I equated being sick with a healthy pregnancy. Boy, do I regret feeling that way now! When I was preggo with LM I was nauseous 24/7 but I slept all day. It worked out. This time, I can't keep anything on my stomach. I ended up in the ER and was given 2 bags of fluid along with a prescription for Zofran.

Now that I have the Zofran, I am able to keep food & water where it belongs. But it doesn't stop the nausea or an constant aching stomach. I have good days and bad, hopefully since I am nearing the end of this first trimester I will start feeling better. I am also having a hard time sleeping. If I could just sleep the day away I am sure I would feel better. 

Hubs has been awesome and LM has done much better than I expected. LM wanted twins, a boy and a girl. I brought her along for my first ultrasound and showed her there was only one baby in there, so now she says she was a girl.

I have a series of appointments lined up this month. I have to take an early glucose test with that nasty drink. Because I am "older", because my mother is a diabetic, and because I gained so much weight with my first pregnancy, they want me to take 2 glucose tests this time around. I have to do that next week. I am also taking a few extra genetic tests that are being offered. Then at the end of this month I get to schedule my big ultrasound!

After much debating, we decided that I would stay on Tricare Prime for this pregnancy. All along, I swore that I would switch to standard because I wanted the same sort of experience I had with LM. With LM, the Navy OB's weren't taking new patients so I was referred to a civilian OB. After comparing costs, I realized it was too much of a risk financially to switch. With Standard, my OB care is covered. But then I have copays for everything else, like my visit to the ER I would've had to pay for. But since I am still Prime, the ER was covered and so was my prescription. I was nervous about having to see a Dr. at Portsmouth because so many people go there and its quite a drive from where I live. Then I found out I could go to the branch clinic that is about 5 minutes from my house! The only time I have to make the drive to Portsmouth is for the big ultrasound at 16-20 weeks and for delivery. The nurses at the branch clinic are great and are very helpful on the phone.

I am amazed how quickly everything happens with your second pregnancy. I started wearing maternity clothes last week. I already have a little belly going on. I am feeling lots of abdominal stretching and that started at barely 4 weeks! I thought I had pulled a muscle in my abdomen right before my race, nope I was pregnant. And I ran a 14K. HA! 

I wish I could say I have kept up with my workouts, but sadly at 7 weeks when I started getting sick I quit going to the gym. I have an appointment this month to see a personal trainer that is certified to train pregnant women. I've been able to eat much healthier this time around, mostly because anything greasy makes me sick. I've been craving turkey subs from Subway like crazy. I pretty much have one every day!

We are excited to finally be adding onto our little family!     



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