Saturday, May 4, 2013

Still Sleepy - 16 Week Update

It seems that every Saturday we have some outing planned, which works out great for me because I am dressed cute for these update pics!

Weight Gain
I go to the Dr. this week, so I will update this section next time :)

I don't see a size difference but for whatever reason its lower this week. Weird.

Stretch Marks
No new ones....on me. So funny story, I have been teasing my husband about being too sympathetic with this pregnancy. He has been gaining weight (intentionally though since he is "bulking up" before he "cuts down"), he has been moody, and now he has new stretch marks. Yup, sympathy stretch marks. Granted, they are on his underarm/bicep so its definitely from him working out. But I call it as I see it: sympathy stretch marks.

Sleeping even less than last week. On a good note, I am not waking up every 3 hours to pee! So I am able to sleep a while longer between potty breaks. I am still having strange dreams. In these dreams, I have no kids and somehow my husband keeps turning into one of my ex's. Except in the dream I do not like my ex (just like in real life) so I wake up pissed off HAH!

Nothing new this week!

Still taking Zofran. Still needing Zantac and Tums. 
This morning I woke up and it felt like someone kicked me in the pubic bone. Pretty sure that its my "rubber band" stretching. 

Food Cravings
Cheetos and fruit! Oh and salad.

Food Aversions
Nothing new there.

Won't find out until the end of this month, at least I know the appointment date now!

What I Miss
Having a clean house. I have spent so much time at home, but have zero energy to clean and/or I feel sick. So I just sit here and stare at the mess. LM has been getting better about picking up her toys every night so that is good at least. Hubs also keeps the sink empty. Another plus. But there is a nice layer of dust and my floors are horrid. I miss having a clean house.

What I'm Looking Forward To
Getting my hair done in a salon! I usually color my own hair but since I am preggers I don't feel comfortable breathing in all those fumes in my tiny bathroom. So this is my Mother's Day gift :)

Weekly Wisdom
Usually working out leaves me feeling energized, but apparently doing 2.75 miles on the elliptical for a pregnant woman requires as much energy as running a half marathon when I was pre-preggers. 

Highlight of the Week
I went back to the gym, and all the ladies in childcare were ooohing and ahhing over the bump. LM was explaining to them that I am having a baby girl and naming her Princess. And that she is having a baby boy. Oh kids say the craziest things.

I feel like a little bit of the fogginess has lifted, for example, I like my husband a little more this week. HAH! But I am still feeling disconnected from the growing belly. 

My mother-in-law is coming in town this week for Hubs birthday and for Mother's Day. The goal tomorrow is to clean the house. Monday I need to clean my washing machine and tidy up my craft desk. That way when she gets here I can at least pretend my house hasn't been a disaster for the last 9 weeks....  


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