Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yes, I am still here!

I know it seems like I have fallen off the face of the earth, but I assure you that I am still here!  Funny thing about life, you sure can't plan for it. I was afraid I wasn't going to be busy enough during deployment and it seems like I overbooked myself, so something had to go. Unfortunately, it was my blogging. 

I didn't just survive my first deployment, we thrived. I mean, it totally sucked that my husband was thousands of miles away from us for half of the year but despite the distance we managed to make our relationship stronger. I also made lots of new friends and became closer to a few as well. Little Miss and I were going on 2-3 play dates a week plus FRG events! My Play Group ladies have to be my saving grace though. I don't know how I would have kept my sanity without them. They watched Little Miss for me whenever stuff came up, they listened to me whenever I needed to vent, and they were like a second family for Little Miss & me. The FRG was also a great way for me to feel connected to the ship and helping out the families. I think my favorite event was the Adult's Halfway Party, I probably had a little too much fun though!

Unfortunately, an especially close friendship didn't make it through the deployment. But what can you do huh? When people show you who they are, you have to believe them. Just as a zebra can't change its stripes, you can't expect people to change either. This deployment also made me miss my parents more. I was able to visit them quite a bit, but it just never seemed long enough. I am hoping that in the next few years we end up living closer to them, VA is just too far from LA!

All is well now that our family is complete. We are having a few growing pains, but from what I understand it is totally normal after a deployment. I think the biggest adjustment for me is having someone else in my personal space! One would think I would be accustomed to that because I have a toddler, but it is a bit different when it is your very affectionate husband. I am not complaining one bit though. We have made the decision to try to have another baby after the next deployment. I know that seems like something kind of silly to talk about since that means it will almost be 2 years from now when I have the next baby if everything goes as planned...but you can never be too prepared right?

We are enjoying what family time we do get. Hubs just started back at work not too long ago but he is about to have alot more time at home...he is having surgery on his hernia this month and will be on bedrest for 2 weeks! I am kind of nervous about the whole thing, not that its a major surgery but anytime a loved one gets knocked out and cut open it can be stressful. Hubs is just happy he is finally getting "Bubbles" taken care of, he's had the hernia since the second month of deployment! 

Have I mentioned that I am spoiled rotten? Hubs traded in his Avalanche and bought us a new Toyota RAV4! I am so excited, I LOVE having an optional 3rd row and the extra space. Also since Hubs has come home, I've re-discovered my inner cooking goddess! I plan on sharing some of my favorite recipes. No worries, they are super easy and cheap to make! Since we bought the new car, I've been seeing how far we can stretch our budget. That is one reason I started cooking again because eating out all the time is not cost effective. I have also traded in a few of my "luxury" items and found cheaper alternatives. That blog post is for another day too :)

So I still have lots to talk about and I look forward to sharing it all with you!


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