Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trying Out New Things

Since deployment started over for us last week I have been getting back into survival mode. You would think it would be easier since homecoming is only getting closer, but nope not for me. You know how when your sailor deploys like a million things go wrong? I thought we were exempt from that since we are still technically on the same deployment. Boy was I wrong. After a rough start to this week, a special delivery on my doorstep made me very happy: new makeup!

I am stuck in a rut. I have been wearing the same makeup colors for at least 5 years now. I am long overdue for a makeup makeover! I have been kind of hesitant because I don't want to spend the money then hate the product or the color looks bad on me. So when I noticed that e.l.f Cosmetics was having a 50% off everything sale I just couldn't resist. Most of their stuff is only $1 so even if I didn't like the color, I wouldn't feel as bad if I didn't use it.

I did my research and I have one friend that is raves about e.l.f. makeup, I figured I could try it out. After browsing internet reviews, the only 2 negative complaints about the makeup were there wasn't enough pigment so you needed to apply more than usual and the makeup didn't last all day. But a vast majority of the reviews raved about the product because it was of good quality and it was inexpensive. Sweet!

So here is the box of goodies that arrived on my doorstep today! This entire box cost me under $30.

-Fair Skin Collections Starter Kit $20
  • Brightening Eye Color in Nouveau Neutrals
  • Clarifying Pressed Powder in Ivory
  • Tinted Moisturizer in Light
  • Hypershine Gloss in Bare
  • Blush in Innocence
  • All Over Color Stick in Persimmon
  • Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in Glow/Fair
  • Concealer Pencil & Brush in Fair
  • Signature Case
  • Eye Shadow Brush
  • Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush
  • Total Face Brush 

  • - Essential Brightening Eye Color in Ethereal $1
    - Studio Makeup Mist and Set $3
    - Studio Blush in Tickled Pink $3
    - Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph $5

    So I prepped my face like I normally do, and I made sure to use makeup primer. I absolutely love Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer with SPF 15, I just wish it was cheaper! 

    I applied the tinted moisturizer and it was very sheer. A little more sheer than I expected, but my goal was to find a lighter foundation to wear day to day and this was it! Then I tried out the under eye concealer. I was hesitant because I don't feel I need anything specifically for my under eye area. Also in the past when I have tried out under eye concealer I end up looking like a raccoon! So when I tried out the e.l.f. under eye concealer I was pleasantly surprised. It was very lightweight, easy to blend, and didn't settle into my under eye lines. On the other end of the concealer was the highlighter. It was a very sheer, white shimmer. I used it on the inside of my eyes near my nose and right under my eyebrows. I read somewhere that is where you supposed to apply highlighter but this was my first time trying it out. Next I used the clarifying pressed powder with my new total face brush. So this powder has salicylic acid in it and that is a total win for me since I am prone to breakouts. But, I haven't used a clarifying powder in years and I just remember the weird smell they used to have. The e.l.f. clarifying powder didn't smell like that all. The powder did its job well and as for the brush, it was okay I just prefer something with more bristles. It was soft and I didn't notice much shedding. But I still prefer my Smashbox Face and Body Brush #19 and like most of Smashbox's products it cost me way too much money...The last product I applied to my face was the studio blush in tickled pink with my new blending brush. I put on the blush and it did take a few swipes to get the color to show. I also applied the all over color stick in persimmon to my cheeks and blended it with the blush. The combo worked out really well.

    For my eyes, I always start out with Urban Decay Eye Shadow Potion in Sin. This primer will make any eyeshadow last forever. I ended up using both of the brightening eye shadow quads. Noveau Neutrals were all matte and Ethereal was pretty much identical but in shimmers. So I used some of the shimmers and some of the matte. What I did notice about the white eyeshadow is the one with shimmer, lost its shimmer as I applied it. I had little specs of shimmer on my face. Otherwise the colors were great! I applied my usual eyeliner, Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Dark Chocolate followed by my usual mascara, Cover Girl LashBlast Volume. Oh yah, I also covered my eyebrows with Bare Minerals Brow Color in Ash Blonde.

    I tried out all 3 lip products and I still have some playing around to do. I will definitely NOT use the all over color stick in persimmon on my lips, it just was the total wrong color for my lips. The hypershine gloss in bare was a great gloss, not at all sticky or gooey feeling. The mineral lipstick in natural nymph was great too. But both colors were just a little too pale for me. Which I thought was pretty impossible but hey you learn something new every day! I think if I used my pinkish-mauve lipliner with the lipstick I will end up with a great color. I would need a darker lipcolor in order to apply the gloss over it as well so I don't end up looking so washed out. So both of them were wonderful products, just in the wrong color. I think I may order the mineral lipstick in nicely nude to see if it looks better for me!

    After getting all of my makeup on, I applied the makeup mist and set spray. Then I gave this new makeup the ultimate test: 60 minutes of Spin Intervals class! *Muahahaha*

    I know I know you aren't supposed to wear makeup to the gym and I usually don't! But for the sake of research, I wanted to test out this makeup through sweat because in case you all didn't notice it is summertime outside. Not the ideal conditions for makeup. So here are my lovely before and after photos:

    Yup, the makeup made it through my workout! I swear, I was sweating in the gym. I was even wiping, well patting, my face with a towel throughout class. But I don't drip sweat from my face when I workout either. I am a little shinier on the after shot, but that is to be expected. You can see the little shimmers from the white eyeshadow are no longer there and neither is my lipstick. Otherwise, this makeup passed the test. But you know what the key is to make any good makeup last? PRIMER. If you have a good base for your makeup, it should last. My eyeshadow didn't crease. My foundation didn't crease. Everything stayed put. That is why you need primer folks. I also believe the mist and set spray helped out too. I used a different brand of setting spray for homecoming last year, in July, and my makeup lasted through the day. I also used primer.

    My latest makeup purchases have made me very happy, I will be mixing in these new e.l.f. products with my old makeup must haves. I am very excited that even though this makeup was cheap, it looks and uses like the other pricier brands. 

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