Monday, February 18, 2013

"Big Sister" Applique Tee

After making my nephew the football blanket I shared a couple days ago, I decided I couldn't send him something without making something for his big sister! I have been wanting to make my niece a special shirt ever since we found out she was going to be a big sister, I finally made the time to do it.

I picked up the t-shirt from a local resale shop for $2.50, its a nice brand name shirt that looks like new! I especially loved the 3 ribbon roses around the neckline. 

I had a fat quarter bundle with 6 coordinating fabrics, so I had a nice palate to choose from. I followed my favorite applique tutorial, over at Skip To My Lou!

I downloaded a cute font (thanks Pinterest!) to use for the lettering, you can view the font HERE on my Pinterest board. 

I typed out BIG SIS in my Word program, printed it out, then cut out my letters. I traced the letters BACKWARDS onto the SMOOTH side of my HeatNBond. Backwards. Backwards. Backwards. Or else you will end up doing it me.

I put the rough side of the HeatNBond onto the WRONG of the fabric. Then I ironed the HeatNBond to the fabric. After it cooled a bit, I cut out the letters that were now attached to the HeatNBond. I peeled off the paper portion and placed my letters where I wanted them onto the t-shirt. After making sure everything was where I wanted it, I ironed the letters to the t-shirt. 

After it cooled, I added a simple stitch around the letters with my sewing machine. I used my Fray Check around all of the letters to prevent fraying. Voila!

The stitching around the letters didn't turn out as fantastic as I wanted. Sewing around curves isn't my forte. But overall, I think the t-shirt turned out cute. 

I hope my niece loves this shirt and loves being a Big Sister! Its a tough job, but someone has to do it :)


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