Saturday, December 31, 2011

My resolution to make NO resolutions this year!

It is the FINAL day of 2011! All this week I have seen people talking about New Years Resolutions. While having a "resolution" is a grand idea, I am not a fan. In general, people take resolutions too lightly. The resolution lasts maybe a month or two then people fall into their old ways. Like at my gym, it is crowded and the classes are full for the first 2 months of the year. Which makes things kind of annoying for me since my favorite classes have a limited number of spots available. But come March I won't have that problem because people somehow forget their resolution to work out more. Instead of making a "resolution" this New Year, I propose you make a "LIFE CHANGE". That just sounds more permanent and serious. Maybe by starting to take the phrase more seriously, people will be more serious about their commitments in 2012. 

Looking back at 2011, this year was full of new life experiences for my family. To name just a few: At the beginning of the year we started our first deployment (and it looks like we will start another one in early 2012). I actually committed myself to a gym and personal trainer. I am back down to my pre-baby size and I am in better shape! I was also a little brave this year, I took boudoir photos for Hubs and got a tattoo (which I plan on adding to this upcoming year!).

These are our Christmas card photos from 2009 & 2011 
(2011 photo courtesy of Rusella Photography!)

Boudoir photo of my new tattoo, thanks La Mia Bella Photography!

So today I have been thinking about what challenges and experiences 2012 will bring for us. As I stated earlier, we have another deployment. Since I have one under my belt already (especially one as tough as the last one!) I know I will be better prepared for this upcoming one. My goal during this deployment will be to save more money. We didn't do too bad last time, but I know I can do better. One idea I have is to cut back on eating out while Hubs is away. Since I was eating healthy food while I was out, it was even more expensive! Why is it that healthy food is never cheap & convenient? I'm starting to love cooking more so eating out less should be easy enough. This deployment will be a different experience in some ways, Little Miss is getting older and she realizes when Daddy is gone for a long time. I will also be dealing with this deployment from the Ombudsman perspective. So far I am LOVING being ombudsman, it is so satisfying to help out the families in this way.
I also plan on continuing putting in time at the gym. Even though I have hit my goal, now is not the time to slack off. I only have one body in this life and I need to keep taking care of it. In the next year I am also hoping to get pregnant and I would like to keep active during that pregnancy in hopes that I won't gain 60+ lbs. or if I do, I am hoping it will come off easier if I keep active.

We are also talking about taking our first family vacation to Disney World and Universal Studios! Once I gather all the information I will be sharing the planning experience on my blog. I've already visited the ITT office at Dam Neck for some information but I'll need to visit the ITT office at Little Creek to get the info. about lodging at the resort. I know Little Miss is still so young, but for Hubs and I this trip will be about the family time together. I know Little Miss will not remember this trip, but I will. For example, this week we went to Busch Gardens Christmas Town with my parents and saw the Sesame Street Christmas Show. Little Miss was so in awe when she saw her favorite characters right in front of her. She was so excited I teared up just watching her. I know Disney World will be like that for her as well. Plus, since she is under 3 years old we don't have to pay for admission or meal plans for her.

So for now those are all the "LIFE CHANGES" I have planned for 2012. I am sure I'll come up with more as the year progresses. I hope everyone has a safe and happy NYE. Remember, please don't drink & drive. Before you head out, please look online for ways to get home safely. In the Hampton Roads area AAA is offering services to get you home safely! Happy 2012 Ya'll!

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