Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How I Started Out 2011

Since New Year Resolutions are still on people's minds, I've been asked by some friends how I started out on my weight loss journey. I thought maybe writing a blog about it would be a good idea, then I came across another blog that did the job for me! Check out the blog post here. I figured putting my experience out there was a little overdue.

Last year when Hubs went on deployment (January 2011), I started going back to the gym and seeing a personal trainer once a month. But what I soon realized was that I could no longer just work out and loose the weight, I needed to change my diet. I will admit, I was TOTALLY clueless on how  to count calories and what was healthy to  eat other than a salad. I went to GNC to check out some of their meal replacement shakes and  got to talking to the salesperson. Normally I am very cautious about what they have to say because I know they have quotas to meet. I told the salesperson my concerns and he pointed out the Total Lean 7 Day Fast Loss Kit. It included the shakes I was looking at plus it was on sale. I am sensitive to diet pills that have crazy stimulants in them and I didn't want any of that stuff. The salesperson assured me and even encouraged me to read the label. In the Burn 60 pill, the stimulant was caffeine, as much as a cup or so of coffee. I figured I would give it a shot since the ingredients seemed legit.

I brought the kit home, opened it up, and read the pamphlet from cover to cover. It included packets of pills (Burn 60-energy pill, Waterex-a water pill, and a green tea pill-meant to enhance metabolism) packets of chocolate & vanilla shakes, cleanse drinks, and a comprehensive meal plan. The next day I went to the grocery store and bought everything that was on the included meal plan. So 2 days after I bought the kit I finally was able to start using it. I followed the meal plan exactly, I measured out all the food to get it right. For the first day or two, I will admit I was hungry but I wasn't starving or famished. But I totally expected that because my body was used to a fatty diet. The cleanse drink didn't taste bad at all and it was very gentle. I was never worried I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom LOL.

I was working out in conjunction with the kit. I had more energy and actually felt really good. Granted, I was sore from the workout but I started to feel more energized. The Burn 60 pills really helped me push through my time at the gym. I had more energy throughout the day, I actually had friends notice that I was peppier and happier. I never had the jitters or any crazy side effects from the kit, overall I was very pleased.

When the kit ran out I continued with the Lean Shakes, the Burn 60 pills, and the meal plan. When you buy the Lean Shake it comes with another 14 day meal plan so I had tons of options for my meals. Which is a plus because nothing is worse than eating the same food day in and day out. I like variety in my meals!

I am happy to report that a year later, I have been able to maintain my fitness goals! I still use the Lean Shakes (now they have bars that I can stash in my purse!) and instead of the Burn 60 I am using Be Energized right before I workout. It is basically the same thing as Burn 60, I was just able to get it for cheaper. I only take the Be Energized before I go to the gym, if I am not hitting the gym that day I don't take it.

So that is how I started out my healthier, more active lifestyle. I want to reiterate that there is NO quick fix for weight loss. It takes time, dedication, and change. Good luck on your weight loss journey and don't give up, remember nothing good every came easy!


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