Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Upcoming Sewing Projects!

Instead of letting this freezing cold day spent inside be a waste, I've been searching the internet all morning compiling a list of things I want to make! Santa brought me a new sewing machine that I am anxious to try out. Payday can't come soon enough so I can buy some fabric!

1. Silk Flower Clip
I have one flower clip that I bought for Little Miss when she was first born and I promised myself I would never do that again! 

2. Monogram Letters
During the Monster Sale at The Children's Place last week, we bought Little Miss 4 solid colored long sleeve shirts that I would LOVE to embellish with a monogram letter. I figure as long as I have a tutorial, I can create other things like flowers & hearts too! I plan on using the monograms on the baby blankets and bibs that I will make (see #'s 3,4).

 3. Minky Baby Blanket
Baby blankets make for a perfect shower gift, especially a personalized one. Since quite a few people I know are preggers right now and I am sure there will be a baby boom after deployment, I'd better start stock piling these for gifts!

4. Ruffled Baby Bibs
Once again, another great baby shower gift! Plus it looks super easy to make and I could coordinate it with the baby blanket.

5. Onesie Dress
Onesies was all that Little Miss wore for the first 6 months so I figured any way to jazz them up would be fun. It looks easy enough to make! I don't care for the ruffle around the neck on the picture though.

6. Felt Hair Clips

7. Pillowcase Dress
I love dresses, especially since we will be hard core potty training!

Looks like I have quite a bit already to keep me busy! Though I should find something to make for myself, guess I'll just have to keep searching.

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