Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding My Motivation

My first Monday back home, the beginning of a new week, time to start taking care of stuff around the house! Except that didn't happen today. I came home from errands this morning and ended up taking a 2 hour nap with Little Miss, when we woke up my motivation was no where to be found.

So as incentive to take care of things around the house, I've decided that once I complete my to-do list I will finally make the curtains to match my new comforter! I know, I am super-nerdy. Most people would reward themselves with a shopping spree, a massage, or even chocolate. Nope, my reward is crafting. I am so frickin excited about making these dang curtains I am determined to complete my to-do list to tomorrow. I think I am more excited about the end result, completing the facelift in our master bedroom.

This is the *NEW* comforter set, there are more pillowcases I just need to buy pillows for them!
Okay I have 2 windows in my master bedroom I need to coordinate with the comforter. I don't want to do the same thing on both windows though. I also don't want to do anything super-girlie since I do occasionally share the bedroom with Hubs :)

I desperately want to make these ruffle curtains, in navy blue of course. I found the tutorial thanks to Pinterest, and it costs less than $10 to make! I want to add the black-out lining to the back because I don't like the sun, haha! My only concern: Is this too girlie? I am thinking about doing these on the window that my craft desk sits under, so only the top half of the curtains would be visible. 

I want to do the stenciling (see how it matches the comforter?!) on the largest window. I would only do the stenciling on the top third of navy blue curtains though, I think the pattern would be too overwhelming on full length curtains AND on a king-sized comforter. Of course I would add black-out lining too. You can find the stenciling curtain tutorial here

So those are the rewards! And I can get to them as soon as I go to the gym, organize my closet, unpack my final suitcase, hang up the pile of clean clothes, and bug spray the inside/outside of the townhouse....

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