Saturday, June 16, 2012

Unwinding and Redecorating

The last 48 hours have been rather emotional for me. I am sure I will blog about it later after I sort out my feelings and set aside my anger, frustration, and tears about the situation.

I decided to allow myself to have a well-deserved adult beverage, a bowl of ice cream, and unwinding on Pinterest.

Slowly but surely I have been updating all of the rooms in our home. I still have the ruffle curtains to make for the master bedroom.

In navy blue of course!
And I have the toy box makeover to do for my daughter's room. I want a special place for her to put all of her dress-up clothes.

Now I starting to find ideas to update the living room. Everything is pretty neutral, but I have a vase full of flowers from Pier 1 that are my inspiration.

I really like to "pop" the purple flowers add, so I want to add little bits of purple throughout the living room.

Our micro-suede couches came with like a million pillows, so I would like to make 1 or 2 pillows with a deep purple felt flower and pillowcase fabric like this:

Joel Dewberry - Aviary 2 - Lodge Lattice in Lilac

I would also like to make this window:

Look like this:

Suspender curtains!
Here are a few of the fabrics I like:

Swavelle/Mill Creek Chichester Khaki, I would use dark purple suspenders!
Riley Blake Designs "So Sophie" by My Minds Eye
Joel Dewberry Blockprint Blossom in Amethyst
It seems like everytime I complete a project, I add 10 more to my list! I am excited about getting all of these projects complete. I wonder what Hubs will think when he gets home, I wonder if he'll even notice HAHA!

I will get to all of these after I finish turning the pile of fabric and ribbons into pillowcase dresses for one of my friends :)

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