Monday, October 15, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Though we are *thisclose* to having Hubs home, we aren't quite finished with this deployment yet. I feel like a kid stuck on a long road trip...

Oh yah, Hubs will once again have pull-in duty so it'll be one more day until we get to see him. I was quite upset at first because he had pull-in duty last deployment. But I decided I wasn't going to let this get me down because ultimately months from now it won't matter, so why should I let it ruin my homecoming? We will just have a more private homecoming the day after the ship pulls in, Hubs has agreed to wear his uniform so we can get pictures too. He will be home and that is all that matters in the end. After all, this is the military life and you really can't plan for anything!

I did something I swore I wasn't going to do: Homecoming Cleaning. For those of you unfamiliar, it is alot like the nesting that near-term preggo mommas go through. Last year, I ended up touch-up painting throughout the house. I also spent a whole night scrubbing the grout in my kitchen with a toothbrush and bleach. I told myself that I wouldn't do any extreme cleaning because it is pointless, Hubs doesn't notice! Well I managed to spend 6 hours cleaning my house. I even scrubbed all the cabinets and the walls in my kitchen. Who does that? But honestly for whatever reason there was food splatter on my kitchen walls. I didn't realize I was that messy of a cook. I would blame Hubs but it would be impossible for him to make such a mess because he doesn't do any of the cooking. HA!

My Homecoming outfit is hanging outside of my closet taunting me. The Homecoming sign is in on it too. There aren't very many chocolate kisses left in the jar from Daddy, now I can't sneak them for myself when Little Miss isn't looking. Here's to hoping the remaining time goes by quickly before I loose my mind or run out of chocolate... 


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