Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Ideas for My Blog

I have been thinking about this blog a lot lately, trying to come up with ways to put out there all the information and ideas I have going through my head. As I am becoming more crafty and embracing my inner domestic goddess, I want to share my projects and recipes. With my new role in my husband's command, I am becoming aware of some great programs for military families and I want to share that as well. Of course I also want to continue with the random thoughts and topics that I come up with too! So this is the direction I plan on taking my blog into in the coming weeks, I hope everyone enjoys reading as much as I enjoy blabbing about it :)

The last week has been fairly hectic. We had our command holiday parties and they were both a blast. Of course I loved getting dressed up with the hubs and spending an evening with adults sans children! Events like this remind me how lucky I am to have friends that I can have so much fun with. I've even included a photo of us all dolled up, it isn't very often we take cute couple photos! 

We had the children's party a few days later, so excited we took a family Santa photo! We are very fortunate our command puts on such wonderful events for the families. Did I forget to mention I was able to go to the movies this weekend...twice!...to see Breaking Dawn?! Stay tuned for an upcoming post about why I think the Twilight series has become so insanely popular and it doesn't have to do with how good looking Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson are or even werewolves versus vampires. 

I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day. If you haven't gone shopping for your groceries yet, be aware the shelves are already empty! I was at WalMart late this evening and the store was packed. Thank goodness I just needed milk and cheese!

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