Friday, February 24, 2012

Pacifier Clip Tutorial

I'm getting in a few more crafts before our Disney World vacay. This week I made hair bows, baby shower name tags (for the Mommies-To-Be!), and pacifier clips. Of course I found lots of inspiration on Pinterest, check out my boards

First were the bows:

I cannot believe how easy these were to make, I am embarrassed to admit how much I have paid for hair bows in the past. But not anymore! I bought the alligator clips at Sally Beauty Supply for $2.99 for a pack of 12 (it was actually a little less since I am a Beauty Club Member, which is free for military by the way!). I have a plethora of ribbon and crafting felt here at home so I was able to play around and create what I wanted. NO sewing machine was needed, just lots of hot glue!

Today I pulled out my sewing machine to work on the pacifier clips. The best tutorial I found was here, she did a great job with it! I did things a little differently so I put together my own how-to:

 What You Need
Ribbon at least 7/8" wide, has a pattern on both sides, grosgrain
Mitten Clips/Suspender Clips (found at Joanne's Fabric)
Sew On Velcro, 3/4" wide
Fray Check

1. Cut your ribbon, I tried out different lengths. I ended up liking 12 inches best, but I also made a shorter one at 8 inches. Apply Fray Check to the ends and let it dry.

2. Cut your Velcro, you will need a 1/2 inch piece of each (so 2 pieces total, one soft and the other rough).

3. On the ribbon, fold over one end 1/4" and iron. Fold it 1/4" again and iron. Take one piece of Velcro and place it over the fold you just made, make sure it is overlapping the fold! Then sew it on. I tried a few different stitches (the picture shows a straight stitch) and I liked my zig-zag stitch the best.

4. Take the second half of the Velcro and sew it 1 inch from the piece you just sewed.

5. Fold over the top end of the ribbon 1/4" and iron. Slip on your Mitten Clip. Then fold the ribbon 1/2" and sew.

Congrats, you just made a pacifier clip! How super easy was that?? Here is Little Miss modeling my latest craft (notice the hairbow I made in her hair too!). Even though she hasn't used a pacifier since she was 6 months old, she doesn't mind chewing on them LOL!

Little Miss demonstrates why you want the ribbon to have a pattern on both sides: Both sides of the ribbon will be visible; the underside when the pacifier is in her mouth and the topside when the pacifier is hanging down.

Don't forget about the Baby Blanket Giveaway! It ends at midnight tonight (well, technically Saturday morning) and I will post the winner tomorrow.

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