Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Review: Trying Out Sock Bun Curls!

Thanks to Pinterest, I came across this tutorial about how to use a sock bun to get curls. My hair is board straight, zero wave or curl. I have thin hair but I have ALOT of it! In order to achieve beautiful, cascading curls I have to use heat like a curling iron. So this tutorial intrigued me: amazing curls with no heat? I decided to give it a try.

Attempt #1: I did just as the tutorial stated. After 10 hours of my hair being in the bun, it was still damp when I took it out. So my hair fell flat in a matter of minutes.

Attempt #2: I decided to go with 2 sock buns, think Princess Leia. One bun turned out great, the other one had creases from the ponytail holder. I ended up wearing my hair half-up so it covered up my mistake.

Attempt #3: 

I used 2 sock buns but stacked them this time. I had them in for about 12 hours. Please ignore the mess on my bathroom counter...
The bottom layer was very slightly damp, I wonder if I need to use a thicker sock. It wasn't damp enough to ruin the waves though!
 No creases from the ponytail holder this time. I made sure I didn't wrap it as tightly.
View of the sock bun 'do from the front.
I pinned back some of my front layers (check out how here) and Voila! hairstyle complete.

Overall, I was impressed with the outcome. This will be a great summer hairstyle since it comes out more as beachy waves instead of cascading curls. To be honest, I wasn't expecting curls with my hair. The waves held up well all day too.

I tend to take a shower before bedtime quite often, so having an easy hairstyle I can 1) Do without using heat, and 2) Do the night before to save time in the morning, I am a fan!

*Everyone's result will differ depending on your hair. I have a friend that I know personally used this and ended up with the curls that I was hoping for. She also has wavier hair than I do and its shorter. Anyways, just try it out for yourself to see what you come up with!*

This Pinterest review inspired me to add more posts like this to my blog. Next I plan to review a make-up tutorial found here

Did anyone notice how much better the photos are on this post versus my older posts? Hubs bought me a new camera: Canon PowerShot SX130 IS! I am still learning how to use it but I am IN LOVE with it. Since I am still a novice, I have some funny outakes to share with you all. I was trying to take pictures of my hair/outfit combination and kept reviewing the picture immediately after I took it. What ended up happening: instead of reviewing I ended up taking shots by accident! Note how my head is cocked to the side like I am confused and thinking hard....

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  1. So I must ask...was that a reference to me and head full of curls?!?! haha I think yours turned out great knowing how straight your hair is! Also....for mine to work better...I let it be practically dry when I put it up and splash/spritz it with water as I'm rolling it.... to make this work I take a shower a bit earlier like once Im in for the night so it can dry longer before I put it in the bun....

    I need to try the 2 bun thing so the back is curlier....but bonus to only doing one is you can wear the bun out and about during the day then just unroll it for an evening out ;)

    Wow sorry for my novel of a comment!

  2. I remember when you used to tie your hair up in MANY socks to get the curly hair effect. You looked like a little rag doll running around at those early morning practices. :)~