Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Life With Kids

Oh my does my daughter keep my life interesting! I am sure anyone that is around kids on a daily basis says the same thing, and they have the stories to back it up.

Something my daughter said last week was too good to keep to myself so I just had to share.

She has become more aware of her bodily functions since we have been potty training, so I've had to teach her to say "excuse me" whenever she burps or farts. Let me tell you the funny story about the exact moment she realized what a fart was.

So last week while I was buckling Little Miss into her car seat, she farted. She looks at me questioningly and says, "Mommy, my butt made a noise." Then she looked down, her brow was furrowed like she was deep in thought. Then she looks up at me with wide eyes full of realization and exclaims, 


Priceless. I will definitely tell this story for years to come. She will probably hate me for it for sure.

Thanks to my daughter, I have become acutely aware of the lyrics to many children's songs. Lately, she has been on a Dora the Explorer kick. We have about 6 dvds that I use whenever I need to keep her occupied (hello crafting time!) and I often find myself singing along. 

Last week, a good friend came over with her kids to help me move stuff into my attic. I don't have an attic ladder yet so I have to haul an 8ft ladder upstairs and climb into the most awkward shaped opening. Of course I decided to do all of this hours after my first half marathon so I was tired and sore. After this daunting task was completed, my friend and I both broke out into song,


Obviously, her daughter is also a fan of Dora. 

These moments were just too funny not to share and they make me smile just thinking about them. Little Miss gives me alot of grief, that is expected we are battling the terrible 2's, but over time the struggles will fade and these lovely yet comical memories will remain!


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  1. Swiper no swiping! These made me laugh, and i can just picture Little Miss and then you singing! Miss yall!