Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maxi Dress Tutorial

As usual, my trip back home has flown by way too fast! Tomorrow I return back to reality and back to the daily grind (and the gym!). Before I get too busy, wanted to share my latest sewing project with you all!

I found this AWESOME tutorial on Pinterest. Surprised? The tutorial is great, she shows photos with all the steps and this project is easy for the beginner sewer. I love LeAna's blog, A Small Snippet. She just had an amazing Olympic themed birthday party for her son. Definitely going to keep it pinned for Little Miss one day...

The tutorial can be for either a maxi dress or a knee-length dress. I have been searching for a maxi dress and haven't been successful. Since I am being so picky, I decided that making one would be perfect!

I found my cotton tank top at the Gap Outlet, on sale for $4! I found the material for the skirt (also cotton) at Hobby Lobby, I paid about $8. The black material for the sash I bought at Hancock Fabric for $4. That is pretty inexpensive for a maxi dress!

Since I am at my parents' house I am having to use my mom's sewing machine. This sewing machine belonged to my great-grandmother so it is kind of old but it still works like a dream. However, I couldn't use this machine to sew with the elastic thread. I was so desperate to complete this dress, I stitched with the elastic thread entirely by hand. But guess what? The dress is holding up very well! I just made sure that the stitches were close together and small. The elastic thread is a must though, in order for the dress to give without breaking the stitching as you pull it over your head.

I like this dress so much, I am going to show it off to all the people on the airplane ride home tomorrow!



  1. This is so nice!! what do you say about following each other?;)


    1. Of course I'll follow you, your blog is about clothes and what girl doesn't like that!