Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Hair!

Since my hair is very long, I am always looking for a cute way to keep it off my neck besides a basic ponytail. Luckily all of those hours I wasted on Pinterest actually amounted to something productive: I found a cute and easy way to wear my hair.

Here is the pin on Pinterest that I used!

My earrings are from Premier Designs Jewelry, Gold Lace

Its a little messy, but that is okay!

I know french braiding is intimidating, but braids are so cute for summer hair I just couldn't resist trying them out. 

This hairstyle was very easy and rather quick, I am definitely going to try it out again. I love how the french braids hold back all the layers of my hair and I don't have those annoying flyaways sticking to my face.

Oh and you see the super cute necklace I am wearing? It is called "On the Mark" and its from Stella and Dot. I won the necklace in a blogger giveaway and it is my current go-to necklace a daytime look. I love how simple and light this necklace is, perfect for the summer!

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  1. Cute hairdo! I don't have the patience to fight with my own hair (which is why it's usually in a ponytail) but I can't wait until my daughter's is long enough to play with!