Monday, May 21, 2012

Time for a Rant!

I am long overdue for a rant and something really got my panties in a bunch. 

Diet Pills, the pricey kind you get from a doctor. And other "cheating" ways to lose weight fast.

It really ticks me off and worries me when I hear about perfectly capable people using such harmful means to lose weight.

What do I mean by perfectly capable: People who have no physical or medical disability that prevents them from working out or eating a reasonable diet.

Why would you resort to such an extreme to lose weight? Do you realize what the long term effects are? Do you realize as soon as you stop taking the pills (or laxatives, illegal drugs, etc.) that you will gain the weight back plus some because you DIDN'T learn how to maintain the weight loss? You took a shortcut, you took the easy way out. And you possibly have done permanent damage to your heart and who knows what to other important organs.

That is what makes me so pissy. I lost 65lbs the hard way, I watched what I ate. I watched my portion sizes. And I worked my ass off in the gym. But guess what? I will be able to maintain my weight loss easier because I know what it takes. It is so very disheartening when you see someone post photos on facebook showing off their weight loss and make it look so damn easy. It makes you think, what am I doing wrong and will this hard work ever pay off? Why should I be putting in all this effort when I can just take a magic little pill and I get the same results?

But you won't get the same results. Your hard work will pay off in more than just your weight loss goals. You are learning that by putting in the work and the effort, you can achieve more than just losing weight. You are learning how to take care of your body for the long term. You are working and seeing results that you earned, how can you not feel great about that? You are learning that with a little hard work, maybe you can achieve other goals than just weight loss. Maybe you have the confidence to try out other things you were afraid that you wouldn't be able to do, but hell if you can lose weight or run that marathon maybe you can do more than you though!

This is why diet pills, laxatives, illegal drugs, and all of those leading to drastic weight loss make me so angry. It discourages those of us that are constantly making the decisions to eat healthier and make the time to workout. Its rewarding those taking "the easy way out". I just have to keep reminding myself that they are putting their long-term health on the line for a short term solution. It reminds me that I should reach out and try to show them healthier ways to take care of their bodies. 

It also makes me want to rant so now that I've gotten that off my chest, I feel a little better.


  1. PREACH! It has taken me 8 months of busting my butt in the gym between two jobs, but I have shed 35 lbs. I am so tired of people looking for quick fixes. Crash dieting and pills are not the way to go. EAT LESS! MOVE MORE! Be patient and the results will come. People don't understand that it's only healthy to lose 0.5-1 lb a week. You just have to have faith and keep working. Great post Shannon!

    1. So glad I am not the only one that feels this way!

  2. You're completely right! People think it's so easy to lose weight just by taking a pill or starving themselves. I hate seeing commercials about whatever the current fad pill is, because I know there are people lining up for the next "fat cure".