Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tear-Drop Bead with Chain Necklace Tutorial

After my sister found out I was making the Double Tear-Drop Bead Necklace, she sent me pictures of similar necklaces for me to replicate. Since her birthday is coming up, I figured one of these would be the perfect gift for her! 

No worries, she doesn't read my blog so she won't know what the necklace looks like until her birthday :)

Isn't it pretty? She picked out the color, she had a specific outfit in mind she wanted it to match I guess.

Once again, I started out with the acrylic tear-drop beads and this time I added the circular beads. I had to paint all of them so they would be the exact same color, I didn't want to try to match a colored bead to the paint. I LOVED the paint I used this time, it dried much faster and was easier to work with. Plus it was cheaper. I used 2 coats of the acrylic paint and 2 coats of the gloss varnish on everything.

The acrylic paint and gloss varnish I used
After everything dried, I put jump rings on the tear-drop beads. I then strung all the beads on 26 gauge bead wire. It comes on a spool at the store. There are different sizes (gauges) of wire, they vary on thickness. After looking at all my choices of wire, I went with 26 gauge because it would work with my beads and I wanted something thicker in case my sister was rough on her jewelry.

The chain is 16" and I bought it at the same place as all my other supplies. I opened it up to split it into 2 pieces. At one end of each, I placed the respective parts of a 12mm lobster clasp. 

I am trying to show how I looped the wire through the chain before clamping the wire in the small crimp

I then looped the wire around one end of the chain (FYI - the end without the lobster clasp). I used 6mm small crimps to hold both pieces of wire and clamped it tightly around the wire. Then I cut the remaining wire that was sticking out. Repeat this on the other piece of the chain. So now, you have both chains connected by the string of beads!

This necklace was pretty easy for a beginner like me, I am glad I purchased a jewelry tool-kit so I have all the different pliers and stuff.

I hope my sister will like it, what do you think?

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