Monday, September 5, 2011

Do It Cheaper! My Hairstyle on a Budget

Does anyone else get stupidly excited whenever they manage to save money? Yup, I am one of those people! My latest feat: I usually spend around $120 on my haircut & color every 2 months. This time, I managed to do it for only $46! I am grinning ear to ear right now just thinking about how much money I saved :D

Back in the day before I had much money to spend on my hair, my mom used to color my hair at home. For some reason, I forgot how awesome she was at it! So when she was in town recently, we made a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply and picked up some hair color. We went with Clairol Professional Liquicolor in Lightest Gold Neutral Blonde 10GN/12G2. I was very impressed with the sales person, she made sure we had all the supplies we needed to color at home (gloves, bottle for the haircolor) and even gave us some helpful tips. It was super easy to do especially with my mom here. The smell was rather strong though. My hair turned out PERFECT! It was slightly more red than the box said but I knew that was going to happen, my hair tends to pull red. And that is my only word of caution about coloring your hair at home: be aware the end result may be different than the box depending on your hair. I am not a salon professional nor do I pretend to be, so if you try this at home and your hair turns pink or something please don't blame me I warned you! I think I ended up with a good result because I wasn't trying to lighten my hair too much or do a drastic change, I just wanted to blend in the roots. Anyways, the haircolor and supplies cost me $16 with my Beauty Club Card. As for the haircut, I got lucky! A few months back, I had boudoir photos done (check out her blog she is amazing!) and as part of the photo package, we had someone do our hair and makeup. The hair stylist was super nice and I found out she cut hair here in Virginia Beach. So I went to see her where she worked (check out her fb page and paid $30 for a great haircut, including tip! 

Another thing about coloring your hair at home, make sure you have a good conditioner (NOT Suave!) and possibly a deep conditioning treatment if your hair is on the drier side already. Coloring my hair at home made my hair dryer than usual, so I picked up some Biolage shampoo/conditioner at the suggestion of my stylist. It wasn't pricey, you can get Biolage at Target or Walgreens or Supercuts. 

I know its nice to go to a salon and get pampered, spend some time away from the craziness at home. So I am not bashing or trying to turn people away from the salon experience. If that is how you want to spend your money, then by all means do it and spoil yourself! Everyone deserves to be pampered. For right now, there are other things I'd rather budget my money for (ahem, Christmas is coming up!).


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