Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ready For What Lies Ahead!

At this point, it is safe to say that I am used to my hubby being home. I finally have my schedule figured out. Solutions have been found to my stressful situations, now its just a waiting game. I am ready to move on and prepare for the fun stuff ahead!

Rumor has it, the weather is going to cool down tomorrow here. Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year. Today I bought some pumpkin ginger scented goodies from a friends' Partylite party, I can't wait until my house smells yummy! I love being able to walk outside around the block or at the park with my little family without feeling like I am melting. Fall also means FOOTBALL SEASON!! I am not a huge follower of NFL, but I live for college football. Especially my LSU Tigers. I am glued to the TV every Saturday flipping channels from game to game. The game is so much more interesting on the college level, these guys have a real passion for it. Plus you can't beat the atmosphere of a college stadium!

Its birthday party season here for Little Miss, most of her friends (and herself) turn 2 in October. So between birthday and halloween parties, our weekends are booked that month! I am looking forward to hay rides and pumpkin patches.

Hubs finally had his hernia repair surgery. That was the longest day of my life. Hubs has never had surgery so we didn't exactly know how he would react. We narrowly avoided an overnight stay, thankfully they finally were able to control his pain. I am looking forward to him being fully recovered and being able to actually do stuff! He couldn't stand for long periods of time or walk very much because of "Bubbles", now he has no excuse! I definitely want to go to Busch Gardens because Little Miss is overly obsessed with E-L-M-O. She is going to love the Sesame Street area of the park. 

I just submitted an application and if I get accepted, it will bring some new responsibility to my life! It would be an honor to be selected and I will definitely be kept busy during the upcoming deployment. I am just ready for a change of duties and I know I will be satisfied with this new possibility!

Our Command Holiday Party is going to be in 2 months, I can't wait to dress up! We had so much fun last year. I just have to keep in shape so I can wear the dress I have . I know how I want to wear my hair (simple and chic), now I need to find a nice youtube how-to video. I already have it all planned out in my head how we will improve upon last years fun times as well: get to the hotel WAY earlier, byob so we don't have to deal with "drink tickets", and get into the dining room early to save seats so we don't have to eat at the bar!

So many fun things coming up, I am ready for it all. Anyone else have an exciting few months ahead?


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