Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Focus on the Positive, the Rest Will Fall Into Place

Life sure keeps me on my toes. Things were going by so smoothly and effortlessly, then BAM! life happens. After spending a restless night trying to solve the problems in my head and an interesting morning filled with more drama, I am still no closer to a solution than I was 36 hours ago when this all began. 

To be blunt, it really sucks that there is NOTHING I can do to solve the problems. It sucks that part of my life that used to bring me such fulfillment now hangs over me like a rain cloud. It sucks when people refuse to respect or appreciate the people that would do and give anything to see them succeed. After spending hours trying to find an answer to the problems I am faced with, I've realized there is nothing I can do but pray and stay out of it to let time take its course. There is nothing I can say or do to change the minds of the parties involved, I will just pray and put my energy elsewhere.

Since I can't solve all the problems that will arise in my life, the next best thing is finding a way to deal with it: Its better to focus on the things in life that are going great and put my energy into that rather than waste it on problems with no absolution in sight. 

 Remembering the moment this photo was taken still makes my heart flutter!

I am blessed with an amazing family!

I couldn't have more understanding, patient, and dependable friends!

I wish I had a good picture to post of my parents, but they are included too. I am one lucky girl! I would be wasting my time and energy if I spent one moment worrying about problems that can't be solved. I look at all the things going right in my life and that makes me happy. There will always be problems so why should I spent my time being miserable and stressed?

So right now I am going to spend some time with Little Miss and watch Elmo (her current obsession), go to spin class later today, and enjoy a quiet night at home while Hubs had duty!



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