Sunday, December 19, 2010

Somebody's Homecoming!

I am so excited for all the homecomings this week! Looking at the pictures posted makes me tear up. I've never been through the big deployment homecoming, so I can only imagine how these families feel. But my heart wants to explode everytime I see pictures or read blogs about it. I know your wedding day, the days your children are born, and other meaningful life events are supposed to be the "biggest" days of your life, but I bet homecoming from deployment comes pretty damn close. I figure if I focus on how exciting things will be when the Hubs comes home maybe the sting of him being gone won't be so bad. 

This won't be the Hubs first deployment, he was over in Turkey right after 9-11 with the Air Force. So he knows a little more what to expect than I do. That is both good and bad. I remember when he got back into the military with the Navy he told me stories about how crazy some of the wives went when the guys left on deployment when he was in the Air Force. I am pretty naive so I thought he was exaggerating. Boy was I wrong. My Hubs ship hasn't even deployed yet and I've heard about spouses cheating left and right. What is wrong with people today? I've never understood why people cheat. If you are unhappy with your marriage, fix it or divorce (preferably the former). I think when people cheat they are being extremely selfish and that is a trait that bothers me to no end. You are unhappy with your spouse: He treats you bad, he is mean to you, etc. That is not a good enough excuse to cheat sorry (now if you are abused, get help and get out! Don't stay if it hurts.). You took vows, didn't they mean anything to you? Reasons I have heard for cheating: Oh you were drunk? Well of course that is completely understandable not your fault at all...ahem NOT! If you can't drink and control yourself, don't drink. Your spouse doesn't put out enough? Learn to "take matters into your own hands" and go buy an adult toy. He/She cheated first. Haven't you ever heard that 2 wrongs don't make a right? How would cheating on an unfaithful spouse prove to be productive and fix anything? He/She is away and I am so lonely. I know its hard to be alone and the loneliness hurts so much. Cheating won't solve that. You'll still feel lonely AND now you'll feel guilty. I find it humorous when I hear people complain how homosexuals are ruining the sanctity of marriage. I am pretty sure us hetero's are doing a damn good enough job of ruining it ourselves. 

Okay I'll step off my soap box now. Back to cleaning my house in preparation for the family! Oh, Happy Birthday Mom!!



  1. homecomings are my favorite, even when they're other peoples. i always get excited when people post homecoming pictures.