Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thats What Friends Are For!

Today hasn't been the easiest of days...Hubs went to work and its going to be a few until we see him again. I am getting used to seeing him come and go, but today was different. Normally when he leaves its super early in the morning and Little Miss is fast asleep. Not today. She cried so much when he left and she stayed in a sour mood for most of the day. I was hoping (more like wishing) she wouldn't be old enough yet to notice his coming and going. It hit me that this was the last goodbye before the big one. I know I am as ready as I can be, but how do I prepare Little Miss? All I can say is, thank goodness for great friends. 

My Bestie came by today and we hit up Bed Bath & Beyond with coupons in hand! Little Miss loves the Bestie so she cheered up. I scored some lovely holiday candles, hangars for the Christmas stockings, and we both bought small space heaters since it has turned quite chilly! Then we both just hung out at my place. I love having a friend that I can just hang out with and never run out of things to say. We probably talk about the same stuff a million times over! So this inspired me enough to blog about it. What makes a good friend? Here are my deal-breakers:
  1. MUST be trustworthy. For me, I cannot stress this enough. I have to be able to trust someone enough to know they will keep my secrets and not feed the rumor mill. I am amazed daily how people can so easily betray a friends trust just so they will be accepted by another group. I am startled by how rampant this is among milispouses! Don't even get me started on that drama...I've been burned enough in the last 3 years to know how to sort out who I can trust from who I can't.  I am the sort of person that needs someone to rant to just so I can get it out of my system. I don't necessarily need advice or direction, I just need someone who will listen and who I can trust to help me through whatever is bothering me. In return, I will be as loyal as the day is long. I don't ask anything of people that I wouldn't do myself.
  2. Be open, honest, and real. There is no need to hide who you really are. If you can accept me for who I am, then give me the chance to accept you in return! If I do something that bothers you, speak up because I will do that same. There is no need for pretending to be someone else. I understand its not easy to be very open to someone right away (refer to #1) but I want nothing more than to have a friend I can sit around with and be 100% comfortable in my own skin. So I want you to be just as comfortable around me!
  3. Be dependable! This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I hate it when I make plans with people and then they don't show up, don't call, nothing. If something comes up just let me know and we can change or cancel our plans. It also gets under my skin when I see someone go above and beyond to help out a friend and when they need help, that friend is no where to be found. I guess it bothers me so much because I've been in that position alot. I believe that there is good in just about everyone so I always hope they would do the same for me as I do for them. So if someone needs a hand, I'm there. It just stings when they aren't there in return.
Those are just the biggies. I am lucky enough to have met many people in the last year that have surpassed those friendship-breakers. Thank goodness, I know those friendships are going to help get me through the deployment(s) ahead...


  1. just came across your blog, my hubby is a nuke too. your daughter is beautiful!

  2. aww thanks for the compliment and thanks for following :)