Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Five

Totally Stoked
I am Happy my Hubs had the day off so we could go to Mt. Vernon with my parents and Little Miss today!
I am Delighted with this new bloody mary mix we found at the VA ABC store. The Captain's Blend, its made in Chesapeake Bay. Its spicy and oh so yummy :)
I am Grateful for the memories I am getting to create with my husband and daughter. 
I am Totally Stoked that I am going to get a manicure for the first time in months with my mom tomorrow! 
I am Thankful for the wonderful things 2010 has brought to my little family and I look forward to the challenges and rewards that will come with 2011!  

We had a wonderful time together as a family, I hope to make more day trips like this and get further into D.C. to show my parents and Hubs all the monuments and museums the city has to offer!

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