Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Confessional

I confess...
I am more tired after being in a car all day then if I had spent the day running! When will they invent teleportation?

I wish Little Miss traveled better, having to stop every 2 hours makes for a long car ride but I feel guilty about getting a TV to travel with us! I should be able to entertain my own kid. But the TV babysitter is so easy...

I confess...
I am really missing Hubs today, its so strange being home without him. The ever changing status of whether communication is up or down is bothering me and honestly I am getting a teensy bit jealous that others are getting phone calls and nice long emails :( I just miss him, nothing he could do would be enough to replace him being here. Guess I need to suck it up buttercup!

I confess...
I am tired of seeing all the negative posts on facebook in regards to deployment. I am tired of seeing people be downright mean to other spouses. I am tired of know it alls who make it their personal mission to show off their smartiness and put others down in the process. Grow up, get a hobby, go make yourself happy because obviously you are miserable with your life if you feel like you have to put others down in order to feel better about yourself. Facebook is evil I swear. My goal is to cut down on my time online because I can't control others immature behavior but I can control how much I read it. 

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  1. I decided today my goal was less time on facebook too. I liked what you had to say about some people on there. :)

    I could have almost written this post minus the car part. Im missing Matt extra amounts lately, it just hit hard and fast. Maybe becaus were use to them being gone so it wasnt hard at first but not use to them being gone this long. idk.

    Miss you, have fun!

  2. A dvd player for the car was the best thing ever made! lol I have one for H and it's better for you to be relaxed while driving then stressed to due to ample of amounts of crying.

  3. Facebook can be great as long as you know which posts to pay attention too. Some people can be such downers.

    I know exactly what you mean about missing your husband. It's hard knowing that others are getting long emails and phone calls and you hardly get anything.

    Hang in there.

  4. Katie: I miss you too! Only a few more weeks here and I'll be back home and back to our playdates :)

    Penguinia: I really should invest in a dvd player for the car for long car rides. I have used one before but it broke :( Traveling with a toddler is no bueno.

    MilSpouse: Thanks for the kind words :) You hang in there too!