Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Five

Time for Thursday Five, head on over to Flip Flops and Combat Boots  to link up!
Here are the 5 things this week that made me feel:
 I was at the mall a few nights ago shopping for a friend's birthday gift and also browsing for fun stuff to put in the next care package for Hubs. At Francesca's (I LOVE that store!) they had the cutest book of love coupons so I grabbed then and threw them on the stroller. I walked out the door a few minutes later and totally forgot I had the coupons! I turned around, apologized for my Honest mistake, and paid for them. 
Monday night I had a friend and her wonderful daughters over for dinner, this is the first time I've had anyone over for dinner since Hubs left. It was Splendid having a chance to chit chat with her, normally we are so rushed for time! 
This week I have stuck to my workout routine and I even ran for 30 minutes straight! At least one thing in my life is going Perfect right now!

I received my first phone call from Hubs and it was beyond Spectacular! I have never cried so many happy tears :) Hearing his voice was the best thing by far that has happened this week. 
So I decided to try out my new "suit" jacket with my nautical-inspired striped shirt with sequins and my new pair of bootcut super darkwash jeans and to top it off wore my grey suede Jessica Simpson leather booties. I got so many compliments on my outfit, I felt so Fancy!

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  1. so glad you got your first phone call! And I'm jealous that you've stuck to working out...I fell off the bandwagon this week!