Friday, February 11, 2011

Time flies by!

Is there such a thing as being "too busy"? If there is, I think I am almost there. By no means am I complaining so don't take it that way there are so many perks to being busy! The days are flying by at record speed. I realized that today after making my monthly appointment with the personal trainer. Wow, has it already been a month that I've been back to the gym? I'm really excited because I am already seeing results. Between the gym, play dates (which I am LOVING), and FRG planning, I am swamped! I had to go out and buy a planner so I don't forget what I have going on. Thanks Little Miss for eating at my brain while I was pregnant...when does that get better by the way? She is over a year old and I still feel like I have pregnancy brain! 

Hopefully things will slow down, I am making a trip to see my parents here soon. I look forward to getting spoiled and to no longer feeling like a married-single mommy! I am afraid to announce the terrible two's have hit our household and Little Miss is taking no prisoners. Lord help us all! Hopefully the weather will start cooperating and warm up soon so we can start burning off energy playing outside. That should help right? I am also anxious to run somewhere else other than the treadmill. 

I can't believe February is almost half over already!


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