Monday, March 26, 2012

Care Package Madness!

Am I considered "crazy" if I send out so many care packages they are as tall as my toddler? If so, then I never want to be sane muahahahahaha!

*Okay, not all of those boxes are care packages (only the 3 in the middle of the pile!)*

My goal this deployment is to send a care package for every pay check. Well, he left on the 11th and I haven't sent out a box yet so I am already behind! Of course this box is filled mostly with stuff he forgot. He only packed one pair of pants for port visits, so I obviously had to send another pair. I don't know how often he does laundry but I can only assume it is only when absolutely necessary. He left a shaker bottle here and since he manages to go through those like candy, I figured he has probably already lost the first one. He left his sunglasses and a towel. I also filled the box with lots of goodies, like his favorite hard candies and some pictures of us on our Disney World vacay. In fact, this box has a bit of a Disney theme to it. I wanted him to open it up and think of something happy (like our recent Disney vacay), so I painted the flaps red and had Little Miss cover them with Mickey Mouse stickers. While I was at WalMart I came across these simple 5X7  plastic frames with a magnet on the back and I thought they would be perfect to hang on his rack, so I picked my favorite 2 photos from vacation for the frames. I hope he is happy when he opens it!

Then I made an "Egg Hunt" care package for his department. I filled plastic eggs with individually wrapped candy and toys like rings with bubbles, those plastic poppy caps (no idea how to better describe them!), and super stretchy plastic bunnies. 

The third box is for Hubs, he needed more of his protein shake and it comes in this HUGE container that wouldn't fit in the APO/FPO flat rate boxes. So lesson learned, I will have GNC ship it straight to him so I don't have to go searching for a box again!

Dang it, I just realized I forgot to pick up extra customs forms. We get paid again soon so its already time to start thinking about the next box!

Some helpful websites when it comes to care packages:

SKIP cares

Navy for Moms

Free Care Package from Scion!



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