Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deployment 2012, Here We Come.

Its official. It has been announced: Hubs is deploying next week. 

*Am I ready for this again?*

Everyone has their own way to cope with deployments. I try not to think about the bad things that go along with deployment, instead I try to focus on setting goals and finding ways to make the most of our time apart. Throughout my life I have found that being positive always makes matters better, no matter what your predicament. I know we are strong enough to make it through this deployment, hell we just made it through our first one less than 8 months ago! Staying positive worked for me last time and I bet it will work for me again.

Does that mean I'm not a hot mess the day the ship pulls our or for the first few weeks following? Shhh no one knows because I go into hiding! I go into hiding for my own protection: I kind of get sassy and irritable around deployment time. Things that normally don't bother me start to irritate me immensely. Don't be surprised if you see a snarky blog post or two, I really am a nice person I promise!

My mom is coming into town the weekend after Hubs leaves to spend a week up here, so we will be doing some organizing and shampooing the carpets. You know, all the therapeutic stuff right?

Its not like I can't accomplish any of these things when Hubs is home, but setting goals and accomplishing them helps the time pass. Plus it helps me feel good about myself :)

  1. Organize craft area!
  2. Start selling a few crafts and use the money to surprise Hubs when he comes home :)
  3. Make custom bedding for Little Miss
  4. Re-create the projects on my Pinterest "Upcoming Projects" board.
  5. Read more! I have the Hunger Games series and a few Nicholas Sparks books on my Kindle to catch up on.
  6. Start home pre-schooling for Little Miss.
  7. Potty train Little Miss, bye-bye diapers!

My craft area is just a mess right now. I just need to find a better way to store my fabric scraps and ribbon especially! I plan on doing alot of crafting and sewing during deployment. The circle cutter and 3 piece rotary set came in the mail this last week so I am very anxious to use them. The circle cutter is going to make the felt ruffle wreaths sooo much easier, no more thumb blisters! I would like to start selling a few of the items I make, just in my spare time. I don't want to start a business necessarily, I just like to sew & craft and since I can't possibly use 10 baby blankets I figured I could sell them!

I have already started pinning tutorials for making Little Miss's new bedroom set. We finally converted her crib to a toddler bed during Hubs POM leave so it is time for new bedding! I am going to try something different for her and use a duvet on her bed so I can make my own duvet covers. That way whenever we change up her room decor and such, it is easier to make a new cover then to make/buy a new comforter!

My mom got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, so she gave me her old Kindle and she even loaded a few books on it for me! I am still learning all the cool stuff for it (free books?!) but I am excited to get back to reading. I used to be a huge bookworm, I was always reading something. Every time I breastfed Little Miss I was reading so I could relax. When the breastfeeding ended, I quite making time to read. On our vacay, I started reading "The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks. Oh I do love his books so much, I was a fan of his books before "The Notebook" was a movie by the way LOL! I need to read "The Lucky One" next since they made a movie of that one, though maybe reading that one won't be such a good idea while Hubs is deployed...

Finally, I want to start doing some home schooling activities with Little Miss once or twice a week. Nothing super intense, I mean she is only 2 and a half! But she is very eager to learn so if she is willing, I need to be able to provide her with an educational environment. I also NEED to potty train her. She is ready, I just need to let her run around naked for a few days since that seems to be the best method for her so far!

It seems like a pretty reasonable to-do list for me, I am looking forward to everything off that list because by the time I finish it will be time to get ready for Hubs homecoming :)

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