Friday, April 20, 2012

Doing the "Right" Thing

In life, we are faced with some tough decisions. Some of them easier than others.

Have you ever seen that show, "What Would You Do?"? In this show, they place hidden cameras and actors portray a questionable situation to see what bystanders will do. They had an episode in a bridal shop where a bride found "the dress" and when the salesperson realized the bride was getting married to another woman, she basically ripped the dress off the bride and told her she would not sell her the dress because she was a homosexual. Another episode, this very obviously skinny girl was trying on bikini's for her boyfriend and he was critiquing her, telling her she was fat! 
What would you do if you witnessed those sorts of situations?

I came across a story in my News Feed this morning about a wife that knew her husband was a murderer (he confessed to her) and how she chose to keep it a secret, until now. 
What would you do if a loved one or close friend committed a crime and confessed to you?

My parents and church taught me to always do the right thing, both morally and legally. The times that I have strayed I have been caught, paid for it, felt tremendously guilty. As I grew up, I sadly realized that even though you may do the right thing it doesn't always end up a happy ending like they teach you as a kid. Though I do my best everyday to live my life in a way that others can be proud of, it bothers me that others can do all sorts of wrong and get away with it. Even if they are reported to the proper authorities! That is not how they depict it on TV or in the movies. You are supposed to report the bad guy, they get caught and thrown in jail, and the world is rid of one more menace to society. 

Why is that not the case in reality?

Celebrities and socialites showcase this better than anyone else. It sets a bad example for our society, what it tells young people is "As long as you have money and/or fame, you are exempt from the rules." I have also noticed that if you have the right "friends" you can get away with breaking the rules. All I can do is shake my head and stand by waiting for Karma to catch up. If we all followed the rules, the world would be a better place wouldn't it?

Always let your conscience be your guide, I believe a very wise cricket once said that. So even when doing the "right" thing may not give me the fairy tale ending I hope for, I am going to keep it up. Eventually everyone will answer for the wrongs they have done, if not in this lifetime than in the life thereafter.

I hope I can teach, by example, to my daughter the importance of doing the right thing even when its not the cool or convenient option. Because she is going to be faced with tough choices and I want her to have the confidence to stand up for the little guy, to report the crime, to rat out the wrong-doer.


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