Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New DIY Projects!

After being stuck inside for days now, I decided we had to get out! Target has some amazing deals going on right now so I ran a few errands then headed over there. 

I have to admit, I do thoroughly enjoy the upside to being gimpy: I get to use the electric shopping cart!

We cruised through Target and thank goodness it was pretty empty because I am definitely not a professional electric buggy driver. Luckily most of the display are on wheels, hehehe.

During deployment, I generally get on a home decorating kick and make-over a room or two. Last time, I vamped up the living room. This time I want to change up the master bedroom and bath. I already did all I could to the bathroom, I bought an awesome new shower curtain for $10 at TJ Maxx and a matching rug for $3 at JC Penny. I really want new bathroom towels but I haven't found any that are the quality I want and in the desired price range either. I like to take my time and shop around for the best deals, especially since I like to change things up fairly often!

Anyways, Target is clearing out some of their 8 piece bedding sets and I found an amazing one for $50. That is a great price for a king sized bedding set. The set included the comforter, bed skirt, 2 throw pillows, regular sham, and euro shams. I loved the grommet design and the colors, it just looked so trendy. Also, I think Hubs will like it too. Not like he is here to give his nod of approval though...

So I came home and immediately put it on my bed. It looks great! I need to buy pillows to fit the euro shams though. Then I realized something: My window coverings don't match!

I hate shopping for curtains and now that I have a sewing machine, I can just make them myself! I have been perusing Pinterest and found a few tutorials I like, I definitely want lined curtains. What I am thinking is navy blue curtains with a painted silvery/white grommet design on the top third and leaving the rest unpainted, with a silvery/white silk ribbon separating the painted portion from the unpainted portion. I don't want to do the painted grommet design on the entire curtain because I think it would be overkill since the comforter is that same design. This is #3 on my list of to-do's.

I also bought a jersey sheet set for Little Miss, it was so cheap that I couldn't make it for that price! Plus, it matches her bedding perfectly. Now I just need to make the throw pillows, that is #2 on my list.

Last night I started making felt rosettes for my next wreath. I plan on doing a big tutorial when I am finished! Here is a sneak peak of what I have been working on, lots and lots of felt rosettes!

If you want to see all the stuff I am working on, check out my "Upcoming Projects" board on Pinterest!

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