Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekend-ish Getaway

Sunday was my 6th wedding anniversary, the 5th anniversary I have spent apart from Hubs. Instead of sulking about it, I decided it was time to take a road trip. Little Miss & I went to visit my Grandmother. She lives around Asheville and I LOVE the area. Its a very pretty drive too. 

 I just wanted something to keep my mind off the fact that once again Hubs and I couldn't celebrate our anniversary together. There is always next year, right?

Anyways, the visit to NC was great. Little Miss enjoyed running around and touching all of the breakable things. I think she enjoys hearing me tell her NO all of the time. 

In between teaching my daughter about her boundaries, I was able to have some great conversations with my Grandma. I was telling her how different this deployment has been for me and the group of ladies that I started it with, are starting to get orders off the ship. So it is hard to see my friends leave especially when I don't know if I will ever see them again. My Grandma shows sympathy for my situation, then points out something: When she loses friends, its because they are no longer alive or their spouse has passed away and they go to live with family. So unlike my situation, they are not a phone call or email away. They aren't able to Skype or send a message on Facebook.

Why am I feeling as if my friends are going to drop off the face of the earth just because I won't see them on a regular basis anymore?

She also points out that people come into and out of your life. But with really good friends years can pass but once you get back together it is as if you have not spent a day apart.

Isn't my Grandma smart?

I will try my hardest to remember this conversation in the upcoming months because this deployment isn't going to get any easier, especially when my friends are starting to move on and I am getting left behind.


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