Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Golden Globes

How many of you watched the Golden Globes last night? A friend made a request that I blog about it so I hope this is up to your expectations :) Personally, I LOVE all the glitz and glamour that comes with awards season. But you know what is equally impressive? Watching the train wrecks, bad hair, ill-fitting dresses, and the OMG what were they thinking? So here is my run down of the night:

Who else out there is in love with Natalie Portman? Did you hear her acceptance speech for Best Actress? She seems like the type of person that I would be friends with if she weren't all rich, famous, and oblivious to my existence. I could never pull off that pale of a pink but for Natalie it just adds to that pregnancy glow she has going on. Her hair was perfectly swept up and she wore just the right amount of jewelry. I wish I looked that good when I was preggers! Another trend I was happy to see: comeback of jewel-toned dresses. Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elisabeth Moss, & Mila Kunis all wore a gorgeous emerald color. I was not a fan of how much Angie had covered up it looked a bit too matronly for a sex-bomb like herself. I am a huge fan of GLEE and I loved how each and every one of the cast members dressed! I was most stunned by Amber Riley. The girl has curves and knows how to show them off, she really reminds me of Jennifer Hudson. She pulled off the one-shoulder dress impeccably. You know how sometimes those one-shoulder tops make your boobs all lop-sided? The belt around her waist was brilliant because otherwise with all that sparkle on the dress her figure would get lost.
Another dress full of sparkle I LOVED was on Olivia Wilde. She really rocked that ball gown, did you notice her spikey gold glitter shoes? Her hair and jewelry was very simple (nonexistent?) and I thought it was a good choice because you don't want those to compete with that amazing dress. There were a few women that went the opposite direction with their gowns and went for simple, comfortable, yet sophisticated. Claire Danes and Emma Stone owned this look. Their dresses were very simple and clean. I think if I were a hollywood starlet, this would be my signature look.

Now for the "OMGoodness what were they thinking?!" looks. Ok Julianne Moore, I think you are a wonderful actress but please please please get a new stylist! She looked like she stepped right out of a bad 80's themed prom with the big puffy shoulder and neon pink color. Then there is Michelle Williams. She did an amazing job in "Blue Valentine" but in this dress it looks like she should be running around in a field of flowers in an advertisement for feminine hygiene products! Oh dear Heidi Klum, are you wearing one of your "Project Runway" contestants' designs? This gown is no where near formal enough for an awards show, unless you count the Nickelodeon Kids awards. What is up with the bows around the waist? I thought you wanted to make yourself look skinnier on the red carpet. Lastly, Leighton Meester must be cold standing in the shadow of her ultra-trendy co-star on Gossip Girls because she has covered herself in this pioneer inspired dress. Well, she is covered up except for the slit in the front of the gown that goes up to her lady-parts. The dress seems a bit bi-polar to me.

All the photos I used are over at Wonderwall so check them out to see what all the stars were wearing last night!

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  1. I can't lie part of me really liked Julianne moores dress. haha. dont judge me.

    there were so many good one but i really like eva longorias dress (except did you see her trip on it) oops.

    and my least fave was definitely michelle williams. Which makes me a little sad.

  2. Oh Eva looked HOTT in her dress, she was definitely showing she is single and ready to mingle!

    You should get your head examined though if you liked Julianne Moore's dress :)

  3. Natalie Portman is a Goddess I would marry without even talking to her first.