Monday, January 3, 2011

Project Gratitude

I was inspired by a post over at Riding the Roller Coaster and I've decided I'm going to follow her lead! I am all about finding the positives in your life and I think she's really onto something with Project Gratitude. Also, I know I am going to need the daily reminders of the good things in my life with the upcoming deployment. So each day I am going to try to post something that I am grateful for!

Project Gratitude Day 1
I am thankful that Little Miss is such a great shopper when we are running errands!


1 comment:

  1. Shannon, I'm so happy you like my idea! And what a wonderful thing to be thankful for kids are TERRIBLE shoppers so I know how much i would be thankful for that.

    I think it's great you plan to do Project Gratitude, especially with the upcoming deployment. When my husband was deployed, I tried to find the positive in everything, and some days I really had to search, but there was always SOMETHING that I could be thankful for. Wow, I should have started this while my husband was gone!

    Can't wait to read more about your personal Project Gratitude!