Friday, January 14, 2011

Can We Keep the Drama to a Minimum Please?

My dad has always taught me to find the good in every situation and to look for the good in a person no matter how badly they have acted. My Hubs does the same thing. Ladies, has your mother ever told you that you married someone just like you father? Since I am far away from my dad and I can't solicit advice from him everyday, Hubs has filled in adequately and always gives me great advice. He is especially good when it comes to the unnecessary drama that milispouses can create. His ship just pulled away yesterday and already he has taken the time to give me advice and guide me down the right path. But he didn't say I shouldn't blog about it! Muahahaha...

I just don't understand why of all days people would try to stir the drama pot on deployment day! We should all be supporting each other, especially on deployment day. I know it is impossible for everyone to like each other. There are over 5,000 sailors on the ship and that makes for many different personalities. But just because you don't have the same interests or even hang out doesn't mean we all can't support each other in this situation. We are all navy wives going through a deployment. Come on guys where is the love? Part of me is bothered that I am blogging about this. The ongoing drama isn't affecting me personally because I am not letting it. I am just concerned about how this affects the other spouses. I guess that is why I am putting this out there.
I am the type of person that wants to know why things work. This is why I am horrible at abstract things, like geometry and calculus and physics. Why is there gravity? There just is. Don't even get me started on limits and all that infinity stuff. The point is I want to know how things work, especially people. I loved developmental psychology when I was in college and I wish I could have studied further into it. It really helps you understand what makes someone tick. I have been trying to wrap my head around why some people see the need to cause drama. Are they that unhappy in their lives that they feel the need to make others just as miserable as they are? If that is the case, I don't harbor any ill will towards them. I actually feel sorry for them. Life can really suck sometimes. Bad things happen to good people for no reasonable explanation. If you don't have people there for you that have your best interests in mind, I can see how that can create bitterness and unhappiness. They need to surround themselves with positive people that will help them during their time of need. Everyone needs a support group, especially spouses separated because of deployment. It doesn't matter if its the FRG, a church group, a play group, or family! Everybody needs somebody sometimes.

Today, Hubs reminded me that every one of the people involved is going through this deployment and needs someone there for support. He reminded me that everyone likes company even if its just idle chat to keep your mind off things. Damn he's good isn't he? He thinks I need to just keep trying to "kill them with kindness". Well not really cause them physical harm but I need to just keep "extending the olive branch" (don't you love all the quotes?) Also the Hubs knows that I am a bit different and I get some sort of high when I am able to help someone out. Like if someone calls me just to rant or invites me over because they need a shoulder to cry on, I thrive on that sort of stuff. It actually makes me feel like superwoman, like I could carry everyone's problems on my shoulders so no one would feel any pain. Wouldn't that be amazing? 

So I am going to keep following Hubs advice because it hasn't failed me yet, well not that I can recall at least! Be sure to enter in my first giveaway, it ends Thursday Jan. 20th at midnight!



  1. Drama? Seriously? This must be why my husband keeps me away from the other army wives. If it weren't for the Internet, I would have a very VERY small support group.

  2. Yes unfortunately I think drama will be in my life as long as I am breathing. Now not all military wives are like this, in my experience its always just a small group of women. Luckily, I have 2 groups of friends that I can depend. One of those groups literally has ZERO drama, unless its because of all our toddlers :)