Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Real" Housewives?

Lately all I seem to be talking about is the deployment. Frankly, I am so over of it. There is more to me than this woman going through a deployment, I can be interested in other things too!

I have a few guilty pleasures, one of which being reality TV. I hate to admit but I keep up with "Teen Mom", "16 and Pregnant", and I especially love all the "Real Housewives" shows on Bravo. Some reality shows are more real than others. I think the "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant" series are pretty realistic and show just how hard being a mom is period, especially when you are still in high school. How many of those girls end up staying with their baby's daddy? By the reunion show most of the guys are either no shows or have moved on to their next girlfriend. I think some young girls glorify pregnancy and see it as a chance at "Happily Ever After". They think if they have a baby it will fix all the problems their relationship has and magically everything will work out. I know there are nay sayers out there that say the shows in fact makes teen pregnancy seem more attractive because you have a chance at being a TV reality star. For me, if these shows had been around when I was growing up I definitely would have waited until after high school to loose my virginity. I was fortunate and didn't end up pregnant but even though your parents tell you about the consequences, hard headed teens just don't get it sometimes unless someone else tells them. I bet if you ask any Macy, Farrah, Leah, or any of the teen moms they would say the same thing.

Now for my favorite reality shows, "The Real Housewives"! Even though I don't believe for one second these shows are very realistic, I can't help but watch. I've viewed every season of every different city and I am the biggest fan of the New Jersey wives. If I ever got into a fight, I'd want Caroline backing me up! I started wondering today, why isn't my life so magnificent and dramatic, I'm a housewife?! Why don't I get to dress up and attend glitzy social events, does going to the command holiday party count? I wouldn't mind having someone to drive me around, clean my house, fix my food. Oh I would LOVE having someone styling my hair and doing my makeup every day, selecting my clothes for me too. Who wouldn't like that?

You know what they should do? A "Real Housewives" series based on military wives. At least there would be something admirable about a show centered around milispouses because our S.O.'s serve our country! Plus, there is plenty of drama to keep an audience hooked. I think a show like that would be more relate-able to the general public. We have to penny-pinch, sacrifice sleep & sanity, fix what is broken, run errands, and have our lives revolve around the military's schedule. I guess while it all may be inspiring to people, they may not want to see something so realistic and would rather watch the fantasy these other "housewives" have to offer. 

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  1. check out http://www.nobaby.org
    I sent an invite earlier but I think I skipped you b/c Kailyn is so young. But I guess it's never too soon to be prepaird to guide your daughter!
    Also you are right on about having a reality show focused on real milispouses. I bet the military won't allow such a show, like you said, they don't want anyone to know the truth sometimes.

  2. and some foolish girls try and have "keep a nigga babys" cause they are so afraid of their boyfriend leaving. I know one actually. She just stopped taking her birth control pills and didn't tell her man who happened to be one of my best friends. So of course she got pregnant but he left after he found out what she had done. True story.

  3. Lindsey: When I found out I was having a girl, the thing that scared me the most was "the talk" and all the stuff that goes with it. I want her to be able to come to me about anything and everything and not be afraid of me being disappointed. I think way too many parents avoid the subject altogether because its uncomfortable. I'll definitely check out that link!

    Walter: Unfortunately, I know a girl who did the same thing but the guy stuck with her and now his family is dealing with this whole thing because he is in jail.

  4. I think a show about milispouses would be awesome, but I bet it would be a bit too real for most people. Most of my civilian friends have no clue, and are often shocked by stuff, and are almost always very uncomfortable when I talk about some of our hardships. LOL!

    But I still think it would make for good television! :)

  5. I just moved into my new house and now offically have Bravo again! I didn't get it at my last place because I was too cheap to pay for the next tower of channels. But, now I have it again and I've been catching up on the Housewives whenever I can. I'm addicted!

    Can you imagine if they did do one with milies!