Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Navy Obstacle Course

Today has been a rough Navy day. First off, deployment is fast approaching and since this is my first one there is alot of uncertainty. I don't know how much everyone keeps up with the news, but the CO of my Hubs ship has been relieved of his post. *My Hubs has asked me not to comment on the situation so I will abide by his wishes.* But you can imagine how the whole C.O. issue has been looming over our heads for the past week. 

The next Navy related issue I had was dealing with the tailors at the NEX. My Hubs managed to mess up the zipper on a pair of his coveralls. Since I have zero skills in sewing I wanted someone to replace or fix the zipper. Well the NEX tailors told me it would take 2 weeks BUT if I wanted to buy an ENTIRE NEW UNIFORM they could get it to me in a week. MMmm I think someone is after our hard-earned money? So on a suggestion from one of the Play Group moms, I went to Stacey's Tailoring and Alterations. Not only did she fix the zipper on the spot, she didn't even charge me! For any of you ladies in the Virginia Beach area that need alterations, go see her! She's off Lynnhaven near the intersection at Great Neck. 

Lastly, I needed a refill on my BC. That's birth control by the way. I had my Navy provider write out a prescription for me since there was a 2 hour wait to get it filled the day of my appointment. Since she didn't allow me to bring Little Miss to the appointment, I had to get a friend to babysit. Hence, why I didn't want to wait for 2 hours. So anyways I dropped the prescription off, did some grocery shopping, and came back to pick it up. Well, the pharmacist said Tricare wouldn't fill the BC until February. I must have looked like I was about to have a breakdown (I know I was on the verge of tears) because the kind pharmacist said if I was willing to wait a little longer she would call Tricare and see what she could do for me. Come to find out, Tricare can't count. She pointed out their adding error, they STILL argued with her, and they ended up giving me a 2 month supply instead of the normal 3 month supply. I wish I could have talked to them, I would have just pointed out the obvious: Either you refill my BC or you will be paying for a baby in 9 months. I thanked the pharmacist profusely, I even told her that my Hubs will be very thankful too! She kind of blushed when I said that, but I mean HELLO he is deploying soon what the heck do you think we'll be doing? 

Then I came home to fight the food wars with Little Miss. We've started adding more solids that she can eat on her own. Now she thinks she's entitled to whatever me and the Hubs are eating. I don't know why she thinks that, I go out of my way to give Little Miss her own plate. Anyways, she has been getting over a cold and her appetite has disappeared. It re-emerged today but she only wants yogurt and whatever Mommy & Daddy are eating. So every time we eat, I make a point of putting Little Miss in her high chair with her own food so we are all eating at the same time. Usually this trick works. But not today. She screamed the entire time. I gave her some of those Gerber graduates ravioli that they are supposed to eat with their hands. It was something new, I usually try really hard to stick to feeding her organic stuff but I was desperate. She ended up refusing the pasta so I made her some beans, rice, and peas. Needless to say, its been a long day!

Project Gratitude Day 2:
With all the problems I ran into because of the military today, there were 2 amazing civilians that brightened my day. Thanks Stacey and the pharmacist at Farm Fresh! I appreciate your patience, you both really made my day.


  1. I spank to your blog. :3

    Take two guesses who this is.

  2. I have some assumptions who this is lol