Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Making a List and Checking it Twice...

There are a few things I need to make sure are taken care of before the big D gets here:
  1. Get new base decals! Yah ours expire during the deployment and if the Hubs can take care of this before he leaves that would be such a big help. So before I got a chance to publish this, Hubs got the tags for the truck. Now we just need them for the car!
  2. Find a storage unit for the truck. The parking situation at our place leaves much to be desired. The Hubs Chevy Avalanche is such a behemoth that it can't be parked in our one car garage and there is only one space in the driveway. So either I have to play car shuffle every time I go somewhere, park the truck on the street for the duration of deployment, or find a storage unit. Ideally, I would love to find a unit that would cost less than the insurance on the truck. *crosses fingers*. Umm yah its going to cost as much to store the truck as it is to insure it every month. Looks like it'll be a constant fixture in my driveway!
  3. Fix the zipper on the coveralls! Ack, I almost forgot about his one. Either I find a tailor to replace the zipper or find some creative way to use velcro because there is no way we're forking over the money to buy a new pair thank-you-very-much. Thanks Stacey's Tailoring & Alterations for taking care of this today!
  4. Make sure Hubs has toiletries, laundry stuff, and whatever else he needs to be stocked up on. Yup, spent $150 at WalMart and came out with 2 bags. All random stuff for the ship. I even had to run toilet paper to him today at the last minute!
  5. Get Skype set up on the Hubs laptop and my PC. Did this, Little Miss loved it!
  6. Learn how to log onto MyPay so I can print the W2 when it becomes available. Every time I log onto MyPay I mess it up and get locked out. Luckily the Hubs has been around to fix it when I screwed up in the past. My Hubs walked me through it and I even logged in once all by myself!
  7. Make sure the POA is up to date and isn't going to expire during deployment.
  8. Make sure I have the right address to send care packages to. Since the last long underway my Hubs has been sent to a different plant so I guess his address will be slightly different. I finally have the correct box #
  9. Get enough hugs, kisses, cuddles, warm embraces, etc. to last for 6+ months! I wonder if that is even possible...Is it possible to really cross this one off?


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  1. i always have issues with mypay too! it's like an obstacle course trying to get into it. your list looks pretty familiar, i was doing most of this stuff last month. i hate getting ready for deployments :/