Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PreDeployment Jitters

Today have been a rough day by my standards. I've been pretty emotional and a bit edgy, the Hubs is starting to mention too often that he leaves soon and how much he's going to miss us. We butted heads ALOT today which really sucked because today he ended up being home off of work. What a waste of a day that we had to argue so damn much. We NEVER argue, no really we don't ever have yelling, crying, tempers flaring fights. We may bicker now and then, once in a while we do something that just pisses the other one off but we resolve it pretty quick and then its done over with out of the way. So I am going to call all of this nonsense stuff that happened today "PreDeployment Jitters".

Now onto what made me happy today, I really needed this reminder because it has been a pretty craptastic day.

Project Gratitude Day 3:
I am so very gracious that the Hubs was able to be here for Little Miss's first haircut! She was such a good girl, she was smiling the whole time. She really likes it when people play with her hair, I guess she is like me in that way.

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